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Mirus Complete The 3 Peaks Challenge

Well our legs have just about begun recovering from our latest 3 Peaks Adventure…

The adventure began on Friday evening when we set off from the Mirus offices in Linford Wood in a mini bus with 13 other walkers and our driver, the 10 hour drive to Scotland began with sing alongs and jokes, after a few hours we all decided it was time to get our heads down and rest up ready for the challenge.

We arrived at the base of Nevis around 05:30am and we quickly got out of the mini-bus checked our gear and set off on the adventure, the initial climb was difficult for some of the team as they’d never walked a mountain before but they soon got through the initial barrier and got focussed on the challenge ahead. When we arrived at the summit of Nevis we were greeted by 70mph winds, -3′c temperatures and a blizzard - however with all these terrible weather conditions we still had one member of the team check-in on facebook and rest for a while - this may have been the one example where technology didn’t help the trip as it meant we spent a lot more time in the cold than anyone would have wanted… Facebook check-in complete and we began an uneventful descent.

The journey to Scalfell Pike was very quiet with the odd groan about an injury but the biggest noise in the mini-bus was the sound of 14 men snoring, some louder than others. Again the entire team left the bus at the base of Scalfell Pike , however slightly less eagerly this time the walk up Scalfell Pike was much more pleasant than Nevis however the previous climb had taken its toll on some of the team and the pain was showing on their faces.

Once the last walker had completed Scalfell we set off for Snowdon driving through the night and arriving in the early hours of Sunday morning, the ascent began in the night following the miners track. Upon reaching the summit we were greeted with the worst conditions we had ever seen, the wind was upwards of 75mph and the brave team from Mirus crawled on their hands and knees to reach the summit… they crawled very quickly back down again!

We’re glad to say we completed the challenge in a little less than 24 hours and raised nearly £1750 for the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance service. It was a great adventure and helps bring the team closer together, and we’re sure it’ll be an event on the Mirus calendar for many years to come.

It was a great effort by the entire Mirus team and one we’ll definitely be repeating.

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