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Mirus Complete The 3 Peaks Challenge 2010!

The Mirus team have completed the 3 peaks challenge! Within 24 hours!

On Friday at 5pm the team set out for Scotland. At 3am on Saturday morning (after having no sleep on Friday night) the team began climbing the monster that is Ben Nevis. The summit, at 1,344 metres (4,409 ft) above sea level makes Ben Nevis the highest mountain in the British Isles. It is located at the western end of the Grampian Mountains in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands, close to the town of Fort William.

The weather at 3am was fairly mild at the base of the mountain but as the team ascended the weather got gradually colder and eventually they hit the heavy snow near the top. Visibility was poor but the team were in high spirits having conquered the Scottish goliath.

About 6 hours later the team returned from the mountain victorious only to rush into the minibus ready for the next challenge, Scafell Pike. At 978 meters (3,209 ft), Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England. It is located in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria. The team set out at a fast pace with good weather ahead of them. Having had a couple of hours sleep in the team bus on the way down from Scotland, everyone had a bit more energy. However this feeling of good energy was soon sapped as the steep steps got harder and harder. But the guys continued to push on only stopping occasionally for water. Scafell Pike has a fresh stream running through parts of the mountain which some of the team decided to drink from whilst on their brief rest period, whilst others chose to take a closer look at the local wildlife!

Once the top was reached at Scafell Pike, the team spent some time catching their breath and taking a few photos before beginning the hard task of coming down the mountain. Coming down the mountain is almost as tough as going up as your joints and feet take a pounding. The pace in which is needed to complete the 3 peaks in 24 hours requires lots of running and quick stepping down each mountain.

Once down Scafell Pike there was just one more mountain to tackle, Snowdon. After a long and winding trip to Wales, the team bus arrived at Snowdon only to be greeted by heavy rain, icy cold winds, low cloud and total darkness. The team were not going to have an easy time. However this did not stop the guys from getting ready only having had a couple of hours sleep, and set off into the darkness. Around 4 hours later the team could be seen coming down the miner's track and with the end in sight, they all look relieved and delighted with their accomplishment.

Once everyone took a few moments to take in what they had achieved, they were all off to the nearest warm café for a well deserved breakfast!

A massive well done to the team, it wasn’t easy and there have been lots of aches and pains but the team are already planning the next Mirus Challenge! So much so, if you are reading this you will be the first to hear about the new Mirus Challenge website coming soon!

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