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Exciting Times at Mirus HQ as the Monthly Big Bake Off is Born!

The success and sheer yumminess of the Service Desk Big Bake Off had the Mirus bods calling out for yet more cake – well who wouldn’t!

Mark and newbie Kate had the hardship of judging and tasting all the cakes to pick a winner and happily tucked into the sugary treats like they were enjoying afternoon tea at the Ritz. But don’t think it was all fun – the cakes were scrutinised and subjected to rigorous tasting criteria of Taste, Concept and Finish – sadly for Mark ‘Finish’ was not a challenge to eat all the cake.

Entries ranged from the spectacularly patriotic to the spectacularly scrumptious, but taking the glory was Catherine Murphy with her Baileys and Malteser Cheese Cake.

Despite the cake-categorisation outcries from the purists, it was noted that even though the great Sun Readers Poll of ’99 laid the Jaffa Cake cake-or-biscuit dispute to rest, the Cheese Cake cake-or-pie dispute rumbles on, therefore the judges ruled they should taste those too – just to be sure.

Catherine gracefully accepted her bubbly award and commented “Really, I won?” and “I don’t even like Champagne”. Let’s hope she likes trophies then.

Everyone was left salivating in anticipation of April’s Mirus Big Bake Off, but it will be a tough act to follow.

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