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Another Month, Another Bake-Off!

Well, it was an impressive cake day at Mirus HQ - a record seven cakes entered into the Bake-off!!

Paul and Dan had their work cut out sampling a slice of each. They say it’s a tough job, but they were happy to take on the task without complaint. Such sacrifice is rarely seen but senior management have to do what they have to do.

This month’s winner toppled the competition with a secret recipe Bakewell Cake. Fearing the ensemble was too ‘flamboyant’ she sought the advice of the marketing bods who were quick to suggest she insist it was ‘Parisian’. Appearing not to matter what lesser-macho name it was called, the Bakewell Cake delight won over the judges with sublime ease.

Chef’s hats off to Katie who steals this month Bake-Off trophy and bubbly.

After seven cake tastes, Paul and Dan promptly headed off to lunch in search of ‘something savoury’.

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