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Another Bake-Off – Another Winner?

The Mirus monthly bake-off theme is open to suggestion. Deciding to push the boundaries of the competition to the limit, a meat theme was suggested, and even more remarkably, approved.

So the day of the Meat-Off came, and the team that had made the original suggestion were pretty confident they had this one in the bag. It appears they took inspiration from Lady Gaga, as that is indeed a laptop covered in slices of meat!

The bake-off rule is that the winner from last month judges the next bake-off, so as a 'reward' for the truly amazing cake Chris made for our charity bake-off, he had to eat the meat laptop, mouse, speakers and router. It wasn’t pretty.

Tom and Katie (not Cruise) arrived with some really tasty treats. Tom made a superb lattice with home-made chutney but it was ultimately Katie that raised the bar yet again with her Christmas-in-a-Pie treats. We suspect it was because they were actually edible as opposed to the 'laptop'.

Bad luck boys – back to the drawing board for you – and maybe come up with some better suggestions next time!

And well done to Katie who we think would give Delia a run for her money!

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