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Mirus Bake-Off - Jubilee Style

This month’s theme was everything Jubilee – a little obvious, but we wanted to join in all the fun!

Last month’s winner, Katie, stole the glory for the second time in a row with her cucumber sandwiches. Not any old cucumber sandwiches though - these were made of Vicky sponge, butter cream and kiwis. She sure foxed the judges when they took a bite! The other bake-off entrants were left wondering how to up their game with such a baking mastermind at play!

The Mirus crew tucked into their monthly feast courtesy of Dan’s Brit Brownies, Tom's Monarchy Meringues and John's Classic Blueberry Cheesecake. Tom was however disqualified from the competition as he admitted to getting help from his mum! Who also happens to be a professional maker of cakes. They were pretty tasty though so we’ll forgive him.

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