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Microsoft selects Mirus IT Solutions as a Small Business Champion

Microsoft has selected Mirus IT Solutions as one of only four Small Business Specialist Champions. This prestigious recognition is a reflection of Mirus’ positive growth and continued dedication to working with small to medium businesses to provide the highest level of Proactive IT Support. Since the company’s founding in 2002, Mirus has always focused on working with small businesses initially in Milton Keynes and then progressively expanding into the surrounding areas.

With thousands of small businesses in the local area, the founders of Mirus identified a need to provide high quality IT support for small to medium businesses that didn’t stretch the IT budgets. They had to carefully plan their strategy for the coming years so they could show businesses how they were different from other IT companies. With this “Unique Experience” goal in mind, the company sought about building the foundations of the business, the staff.

The first stage was building a business with highly experienced engineers. The founders of Mirus have predominately worked in a technical background and taking on a handful of skilled engineers was the next logical step in creating a team of professionals. Having a few key clients in Milton Keynes, the Mirus team worked very hard to provide only the very best IT support. Their continued efforts resulted in very happy customer and robust IT infrastructures. This naturally led to organic growth through the very well connected business community in Milton Keynes. Word soon spread of the high level of support that customers were receiving and Mirus began to experience an influx of local businesses that were looking for an IT partner that they could partner with for a long term relationship. These new business opportunities quickly became new Mirus customers which lead to further growth within the technical support team. Having more clients to support on a daily basis, the founders of Mirus began to evolve their businesses strategy to include their future plans for growth and how they would be able to cope with the increasing demand for high quality IT support.

The next step within the business was to introduce a sales team that could not only search for new businesses opportunities but also expertly managed the existing client base. The account managers at Mirus have been carefully selected and each has more than 10 year’s experience managing clients within the IT industry. This expert knowledge has been obtained through years of first-hand experience, as well as hundreds of training courses from industry leading vendors such as Microsoft. Whilst Mirus engineers possess an array of skills and experience, the account managers at Mirus have a responsibility to learn about the plethora of technologies that exist today and to help their clients choose the right solution. Dealing day to day with small to medium businesses, the account managers are able to provide accurate advice and work very closely with their clients to ensure that as the need for IT technology grows in the world, their investments in that technology is 100% right for their needs.

Having built the business on strong ethics of customer service and a thirst for knowledge that can help their customers with their IT, Mirus continue to explore new ways in which they can improve their support and offer even more to their clients. Mirus have invested in some of the world’s leading support technology allowing them to be more proactive. Having skilled engineers and account managers was only part of what the business wanted to achieve. Having become true experts in “reactive” IT support years ago, Mirus wanted to take it to the next level and give more to their customers. Their investment in major proactive technology has allowed them to accelerate and grow to a team of over 40 staff. With continued growth there was also a need to introduce new processes along the way such as “Service Addiction” (click here for more on Service Addiction). Taking customer feedback and improving processes is considered very important, listening to their clients is key to building long term trusted relationships.

Recently Mirus have been ranked as 56th best Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the world by mspmentor.net. This is another prestigious recognition of how Mirus provide their IT support to clients and how they have shown the business acumen to adapt and evolve in an ever changing industry, thus creating an excellent customer experience and having hundreds of IT infrastructures implemented and supported by professionals.

Having been a Microsoft Gold Partner for several years now, Mirus have built a great relationship with the IT giant. Where Mirus have succeeded is to use this technology and apply it to their business strategy as part of the foundation technology when supporting clients. A world of businesses that constantly sees the need to advance in technology such as Microsoft calls for IT partners that can truly understand how to apply IT within a business environment, and reaps the benefits of improved productivity and a solid IT support backbone.

If you would like to understand more about how Mirus can help your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team who are waiting to show you. More information on Microsoft’s recognition of Mirus can be found here: https://partner.microsoft.com/UK/40134193

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