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Microsoft Doesn’t Back up Your Office 365 Data - Here’s How You Can

Microsoft Doesn’t Back up Your Office 365 Data - Here’s How You Can

With Office 365, your documents are saved to Microsoft’s servers - so you might assume the tech giant is backing that work up for you.

But while their cloud-enabled Office environment does help to keep your work consistent, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s keeping that work safe.

A common misconception about Office 365 is that its providing a backup of your work - and while your work is being saved to Microsoft’s internal servers, that isn’t strictly the case. With Office 365, the service being offered to you is storage; somewhere your files are always accessible. But should yours be stolen, overwritten or accidentally deleted, Microsoft simply doesn’t offer the services needed to retrieve it.

With file safety neither promised nor provided by Microsoft, we strongly recommend evaluating your company’s backup solutions for 2020. With many of your users now working from home, away from the oversight of the office, the threat of data lost through accidental deletion or amendment is perhaps greater. Furthermore, home networks are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals, who take advantage of their often-weaker security.


It’s why we offer our users SaaS (Software as a Service) protection: technologies which backup those files that aren’t stored on your company servers. Not only do these solutions protect your files from any workplace incidents, they’re extra added insurance should Microsoft’s servers unexpectedly fail you..

We’re partnered with the industry leader in SaaS Protection, Datto – the provider we trust the most to help keep our clients’ data safe. With Datto, backups of your important files and applications are created up to three times daily, allowing for the recovery of accidentally deleted files, or even those compromised by malware. As a ‘Blue-Level’ partner, we’re able to provide product support that only the top 5% of Datto resellers can provide – so you know you’re getting some of the best protection available.

Protecting your SaaS data isn’t only about security, but the continuity of your business. With it your data stays safe, your work stays continuous, and you’re prepared for whatever happens to you or your provider.

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