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Microsoft and NCSC Advise in the Wake of Office 365 Credential Breaches

In December of last year, the National Cyber Security Centre warned of a series of attacks on UK users of Office 365. These attacks had no apparent objective, nor were they limited to any particular industries or individuals, but they did spark an advisory from the NCSC to implement Microsoft’s recommended security practices.

Recently, as if to reinforce the NCSC’s advice, Microsoft have released updated security guidance outlining the best changes to implement in the event of an attack. The new precautions are designed to comply with the GDPR’s public sector security guidelines and include Microsoft’s 14 Cloud Security Principles – as relevant now as they were when first published in 2016.  

Office 365 users are encouraged to read and follow the recommended steps as closely as possible, to prevent the threat of any further attacks. In the meantime, we advise - as always - to implement Two-Factor Authentication and renew any old passwords.

See our Top 3 Security Tips for Businesses blog, where we identify some simple – and overlooked – security principles, and read our recent blog O365, The Risks you Need to Know. Mirus also offer services for Office365 training, Cloud Connectivity, Backup and Disaster Recovery and Cyber Security to protect your business now and in the future.

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Read the Microsoft Guidance.


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