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Meet Pete

Meet Peter Hack – Another MTeam Member Taking Part in the CEO Sleepout

As you may have heard on our social media channels, the MTeam’s CEO, Senior Management Team, Head of Marketing and Senior BDM are all taking part in the Milton Keynes CEO Sleepout.

This charitable cause is a nationwide event in which key company members along with CEOs drop the relative comfort of their beds - or indeed, their work offices - and spend the night sleeping in one of the city's most open areas. The goal is to raise funds and awareness for the UK's growing homeless populace, and with events happening in London, Nottingham, Manchester and beyond, it's a superb opportunity to make a difference.

In an earlier blog, we spoke to Tom Williams to see how he’d be preparing for the night. This time, we turn our attention to Peter Hack, our Business Development Manager. Here, Pete tells us his pragmatic and personal reasons for taking part in this year’s event.

What made you want to take part in this year's CEO Sleepout?

"I met Jo Carter at Midsummer Breakfast, and she’s very persuasive! The sensible answer is that I have both friends and family that have been homeless at some point in their lives and through no fault of their own, so it’s an issue that I’m very passionate about. It seems to be a growing problem affecting the youth of Milton Keynes, and events like this really help raise the profile of the issue. Hopefully it’ll be a great opportunity for us to raise some much-needed funds for charities like the YMCA Milton Keynes, who are tackling the problem face on."

Will you be preparing in any way for the rough night ahead, or are you going in blind? 

 "I’m going in blind as much as possible, I don’t think preparing myself will give me a real understanding of a night sleeping rough. I’ve spoken to others who have completed other bite-nights and CEO Sleepout’s elsewhere and they’ve all said that the camaraderie gets you through till about midnight, then it gets really tough for the next 6 hours. I’m anxious to say the least!"

What do you predict will be the most difficult hardship to overcome?

"Stupid as it sounds, but the lack of comfort. We’ve all slept on an uncomfortable bed and complained the next morning, but cold hard concrete on a November night, with a view to having to do a full day’s work the next day is going to be tough. I know for me it’s only one night, but I just don’t understand how people that sleep rough day in day out keep going, and where they draw the strength from to carry on."

Well, Peter, good luck for the night!

Pete won’t be going at it alone on the night, as many other Milton Keynes CEOs will be joining him under the stars. He'll also be joined by the familiar faces of Mirus's Paul Tomlinson, Tom Williams, Richard FinchDan Sharp,  and Chris Maybray. Since speaking to the team at the YMCA, we’ve also had Mirus’s own Head of Marketing, Pippa Loveridge, join the cause.

You can find out more and see who’s taking part here https://www.ceosleepoutuk.com/milton-keynes/


We’d really appreciate your support to raise money for this worthy charity.

You can donate to Peter here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/peterhack

Tom here: https://www.mirus-it.co.uk/blog/meet-tom-williams-taking-part-in-milton-keynes-ceo-sleepout, 
Pippa here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/pippa-loveridge-ceo-sleepout,
Paul here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/2019mirussleepout
Richard here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/richard-finch14

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