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Meet the Mirus Team

A Day in the life of a Mirus Rapid Response Engineer – Neil

Neil Roberts

Tell us about your role – what does a Rapid Response engineer do?
My role varies from managing password resets to server offline alerts and Microsoft Exchange issues. We are also responsible for logging incoming calls, tracking tickets and liaising with third party support teams to fix a variety of issues. A vital aspect of our role is communicating with the Account Management team to organise the right new parts and equipment that the support issues identify are needed as part of the resolution.

How does your role sit with the rest of the organisation?
Rapid Response is normally the first point of contact for any client calling in with a problem, so you have to be on the ball and friendly. A good team spirit and communication skills with the management is a must. It’s also nice that the management team have faith in the team to achieve the tasks being set.

What does a typical day look like?
Our job is to fix client issues as quickly as possible, but making sure it is the right fix, not just a work around, therefore there is no time to waste in-between. That means our days are very busy but always enjoyable as we get to help a lot of different types of people and companies.

What skills and attitude are needed to be good at your job?
The basic skills all client-facing engineers need are good communication skills, being technically savvy, a cheerful and happy phone manner and a positive attitude.

How does working for Mirus help you achieve your own personal goals?
Mirus provides the right tools and training that improves our skill set so you are always developing both as an individual and as a team.

How do you know you’ve done a good job?
When you receive good feedback from your peers and when you get a sense of satisfaction when you complete a job. We have a Service Heroes programme that shares and rewards the good feedback we receive from clients so it’s part of our culture. However, if you finish with a smile on your face you know you have done a good job.

What’s your favourite aspect of working for Mirus?
Mirus is such a friendly and warming company to work for. All new starters are made to feel very welcome to the Mirus ‘family’. I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ve been working for Mirus for 8 years now so I know a lot of our clients pretty well now.

What is your advice for someone looking to get started in your industry?
Don’t hesitate. If you like your tech and want to feel that every day you achieve something then this is the industry to get involved in.

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