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Marketing, Managing & Mobility: How VoIP Supports Your Company Strategy

For many of us, our VoIP solution is already working – saving money, supporting remote working and providing superior call quality

But strategic use of your VoIP could make it more than just a convenience – it could form an essential part of your business strategy.

As we’ve explored in our recent blogs on SharePoint and Dynamics 365, businesses have access to broad and insightful data on their processes, customers and performance. Your VoIP setup is just as insightful, and for companies handling large incoming or outgoing call volumes, can be used for more than just simplifying telecoms. Here’s just a few ways of smartly adapting VoIP into your overall business strategy.

Tracking Success

Your VoIP software is constantly monitoring call times, volumes and durations, with statistics easy to find and interpret. Yet with the right setup, your VoIP system could start answering far more specific queries.Tracking Success with VoIP Solutions

For example, let’s say you’ve just launched a new marketing campaign, and you’re trying to reach a few new demographics. You might expect call volumes to increase, but that doesn’t tell you how or why you’ve created renewed interest in your offerings – nor if your marketing is reaching the right people.

Yet if you could direct certain demographics towards their own dedicated contact number, you could start comparing the success of your campaign across every new target market. Not only could this help you to measure the success of your campaign, it could help create strategies for future marketing efforts.

Providing Flexibility

Modern demands - not to mention current events - have created a powerful imperative for remote working. With the work climate now drastically changed by the emergence of Covid-19, take the opportunity to review your VoIP solutions and strategise a new way of remote working.How do VoIP Solutions Provide Flexibility

 VoIP alone is an excellent starting point for your remote working setup, with you able to carry any of your VoIP-allocated numbers over to your users’ mobile phones, or even divert calls to their landline numbers.

Of course, being able to access your VoIP software from anywhere with a browser means even your admins needn’t rely on an on-premises solution; your company telecoms are manageable even from outside the business. This not only allows for full mobility of your staff, whose work may necessitate long periods of travel, but provides insurance and continuity should your company be forced to vacate the office.


Managing Resources

Your VoIP software allows you to allocate certain team members of phone numbers into groups when they’re set up for calls. This way, you’re able to filter call statistics by length, time, department and so forth. As you might imagine, smarHow do VoIP Solutions Hekp Manage Resourcestly filtering these statistics could help you isolate departments struggling under high call volumes, long conversations, or simply a lack of staff.

Grouping your data, identifying trends and having them presented quickly and concisely is all possible with your VoIP telephony software. From there, you can make smarter use of your resources, diverting staff from less active departments to those struggling under the weight of your calls.

Yet this needn’t be a rigid restructuring, either. Call diverting, Hot Desking and phone twinning options mean that users with the appropriate privileges can migrate between phonelines with minimum extra setup needed.

Following the Chain

You want your company’s inbound calls to provide swift and simple results for your customers – none of whom want to memorise your company’s ‘On Hold’ playlist.Improve Customer Journeys with VoIP

Your VoIP software can help you track the ‘journey’ of your customers’ incoming calls, tracing the first number they ring right up to the last person they talk to. If you identify a pattern in your clients’ calling, you can start smartly redirecting calls to the right person instantly.

Whether it’s for your broader marketing efforts, or simply to help kickstart a more flexible working environment, your VoIP could add some real fuel to your company’s fire.

This only scratches the service of your VoIP system's functionality; by opting for a data-based telephony solution, you provide an invaluable synergy between your calls, your clients and your company infrastructure.  


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