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Manufacturing Success: How Managed Services Support the Manufacturing Industry Mirus IT

Manufacturing Success: How Managed Services Support the Manufacturing Industry

If there’s one thing manufacturers rely on, it’s consistency; keeping systems operational, processes streamlined and output optimal.

How does a complete company IT solution help grease the wheels of industry?

With a complete IT infrastructure, the manufacturing process - from concept to execution – is overseen with a wealth of collaborative technologies. In conjunction, these cover your security, backup and productivity in a single, seamless solution. Here’s how:

Taking the ‘I’ out of IT

With Managed Services, your technical solutions are overseen by dedicated, expert IT providers, leaving your users at the helm of the business, not the bidding of its tech. With your systems managed and monitored by the people who know them best, you can be confident that any technical issues are already on the radar - before they can ruin your workflows.

Protection from a Growing Threat

In the past year, manufacturers have become a prime target for ransomware attacks. One need look no further than the incidents at Norsk Hydro or Honda to see how costly these can be. Cyber criminals understand that time is money, and by holding production lines to ransom, they’re hedging their bets on a speedy and profitable response from victims.

With top-to-bottom cyber security, your company’s every facet is protected from intrusion. Whether protecting your servers via network firewalls, or your users from the threat of phishing attacks with email security such as Mimecast, a Managed Service puts the security of your every solution first. For a more in-depth look at our technical solutions, you can also download our free eBook What Makes the Perfect IT Partner.

Proficient, Proactive Processes

Both your staff and your systems will benefit from some extra uptime, and by automating your processes your Managed Service provider could help you drastically streamline your workflows. With Microsoft software such as Power Automate, Azure and Dynamics, you could create interconnected processes that let you push more products and less paper. Complex? Potentially – but with the support of a provider, those technicalities are all taken care of for you.


Planning for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

When your systems are compromised, your output is stifled. If a major fault or data loss is impacting production, you’ll want systems that can be restored and rebooted in record time. Not only that, you’ll want to know just how long it’ll take to be fully up and running. Your MSP’s Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions won’t only ensure that your integral data is regularly saved and secured, but that it’s retrieved in respectable time.


Because Managed Services are continuous, your technology not only updates regularly, but is fine-tuned for the greatest industry performance. Not only do you make use of the most up-to-date solutions, but a custom-designed infrastructure bespoke to your company strategy, making your enterprise a productivity powerhouse.

Managed Services don’t just implement your company technology; they perfect it, expanding its capabilities regularly and ensuring your output is among the industry’s most competitive. For the productivity, security and growth, they’re an integral component of any production line.

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Layering Your Cyber Security - eBook

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