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Managed Print The Power of Workflows

Managed Print: The Power of Workflows

For many business, Managed Print is an excellent way to keep print costs down and print volumes regulated.

But how far can we take our Managed Print when we start thinking less about price - and more about processes?

It’s easy to assume that by lowering your print costs, your Managed Print setup is already working to your strategy; but until you fully explore the capabilities for processes and productivity, you may barely have scratched the surface.

Take automated workflows, for example; arguably one of the most wide-reaching capabilities of your Managed Print setup. From the Mirus Managed Print -The Power of Workflowsmoment the customer submits a request, an automated print solution could make much shorter work of the admin, compliance and financial tasks that accompany the transaction, and might otherwise have been done manually.

With most modern print devices offering ever-expanding automation software, companies not only stand to earn back their productivity, but also their time and finances. Here’s why:

Print Automation is Customer-Friendly 

When a customer puts an order through, or a client submits essential paperwork, print automation could begin processing their request immediately and autonomously. For example, if customers can submit documents electronically, then an automatic scan-to-cloud function files their pertinent data to the securest file storage available. By using Smart Documentation, available on most modern print devices, you provide customers with documents that are automatically scanned for characters, QR codes and other intelligent systems, immediately processing their data to the relevant departments. By introducing these automated workflows early, you’re not only making things easier for customers, but eliminating menial tasks that might otherwise have been performed manually

Print Automation Streamlines Your Processes

Because print automation can occur every step of the document journey, manual tasks once entrusted to staff can be executed automatically by your workflows; you can even set up automatic updates to inform staff of incoming tasks or issues related to documentation. This creates a visible chain of execution, where every step can be traced, confirmed and referred to accordingly, allowing for regular updates and a keener eye on performance prohibitors. In doing so, workloads are faster, more manageable, and create the bandwidth for more complex checks and tasks.


Print Automation Supports Compliance

When everything is captured to the letter, saved securely and processed accurately, it’s much easier to confirm that anything you print is accurate and compliant. It’s not only about the data you save, but the data you omit too; Smart Documentation allows data to be redacted before anything personal or sensitive is ever handled by a human.

Print Automation Makes Budgeting Easier 

Once a print job passes each stage of its journey and is ready to be put to paper, it’s already created a wealth of data that’s ripe for smart budgeting. Whether looking through historic data to highlight your most costly print jobs or using that data to automatically assign ink and toner standards, automating your print helps to take the guesswork out of your budget.

Whatever your wider strategy, a carefully planned print workflow could help support it every step of the journey. So long as you’re prepared to explore the wider opportunities of your Managed Print, the results could be transformative.

Sound complex? You needn’t go it alone. With a Managed Print solution from Mirus, we’ll streamline your strategy with our award-winning approach.

See how Managed Print empowers company productivity:

Our case study explores how we transformed the cost of print for Champney’s Spas’ nationwide operations.

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