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Printing rockstars blog

Are your budding Rockstars costing you money?

Traditionally, the common practice within business was to allow employees to approach printing somewhat wastefully. With expensive cartridges and relatively untracked usage, an unnecessary expense was often experienced by the company.  It’s estimated that the malpractice of printing can add up to 15% of a businesses’ expenses, however, with managed print software, costs can be cut by anywhere up to 40%. The idea of Managed Print is to have a solution that is report-able and accountable.

At Mirus, our employees are linked to the central printers found in the centre of the office. The primary purpose of the software is to apply policies to groups. This can mean restrictions or abilities depending on the deemed need of the role. For example, we can only print double sided the ability to print single sided for multiple page documents has been removed across the board. Pippa, our Head of Marketing has been set up to print in colour and A3, freely, so can Gavin our Office Manager. Not many other colleagues need colour printing or A3, which means their printing profiles are restricted to A4 and black and white.

A further benefit gained through managed print is the potential to run audit trails. Essentially, this allows for the tracking of what is being printed and who is doing the printing; resulting in any unusual or questionable activity to be investigated. 

For example, one employee may print off four large documents when his daily task may not usually require him to do so. After investigating, it may be revealed that said employee had accidentally printed something on a setting for three copies, or had been using printing for his personal use. Perhaps the employee is an aspiring Rockstar and had used the company equipment and resources to print sheet music. While Mirus look to support this budding musician’s dreams, all these added expenses can be damaging to a business

Managed print gives a level of control to the business around how the printers are used and ensures minimal waste of resources. Furthermore, print management includes comprehensive reports on how those resources are being used

Ultimately, detailed reporting allows for decisions to be made including type of printers that are required and where they need to be located. 

Managed print takes what is traditionally an unrestricted practice and applies a certain level of control policy to it. The result is a more cost-efficient solution that doesn't develop into a risk for the business.

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