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Making the Most of Your Managed Print

Is the phrase ‘Managed Print’ something of a misnomer?

The common expectations of a Managed Print Solution are cheaper print costs, more powerful print auditing and improved security for your print devices; and while all these benefits are present and correct, they’re merely the beginning of your Managed Print’s capabilities.

While a standard printer is almost certainly cheaper than the average Managed Print device, the lack of control over your business print is almost certainly costing as much. Without the efficient management of print volumes, quality and paper sizes, the true scale of your print costs could struggle from the weight of unwanted, unmanaged print. Does a solution truly save you money when you can it can neither be managed nor monitored?

On a grander scale, your Managed Print Solution and Multifunction Devices (MFDs) empower a wealth of other IT solutions, including your Data Storage, Remote Working and Cloud-Based Services – making them so much more than a means to print with protection and proficiency.

Confidential Storage

As mentioned in our recent blog, modern MFD software offers scan-to-cloud functionality compatible with major cloud services, including Google, OneDrive and DropBox.

Provided employees have the necessary permissions, they can view, download or edit these documents from within the cloud environment. With your documents protected by secure scanning as well as a properly-encrypted cloud solution, your Multi-Function devices create a safe – and ironically, paperless – environment for your most sensitive data.

Strategy and Productivity

A more recent addition to Managed Print software is Optical Character Recognition, which turns your scanned documents into smart, editable PDFs which intelligently recognise text content. From within the cloud, users can upload, edit and amend the contents of these smart documents as they see fit, creating a collaborative environment that is once again protected by secure scanning and a protected cloud environment.

Yet this is only a recent benefit. A Managed Print solution means your print is monitored by your Service Provider, liberating your IT department from the hassles of equipment breakdowns or ink and toner supplies, as they stay on top of these demands and more. Similarly, by monitoring your print output, your provider identifies the key time frames of any high print periods, how well your setup meets user requirements, and your full print expenditure over specific periods – invaluable information when conducting your next IT strategy.

More Ways to Work

The popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies hasn’t eluded Managed Print providers, and with each iteration of print software such as PapercutMF, the options for printing from personal devices expand.

Mobile Print functionality meant that users can print from a wide range of supported hardware, including Chromebook, PC, Mac, Android and iOS. This was improved upon with web print, which allowed users to drag and drop files onto the MPF’s portal using a web browser –eliminating the complexities of Mobile Print, which can be complicated for guest users.

Email to Print is arguably the easiest print method for printing from personal devices, however. With it, there’s no need for compatible hardware or access to your MFD’s web portal – with little more than an email address, even guests can print from their own devices using your company’s networked MFDs. Admins can also limit this functionality down to the maximum cost per print, per user – so it can all be managed with just as much control as your regular Managed Print solutions.

These are just a few of the ways that a Managed Print Solution not only changes the way companies print, but the way they work, collaborate and manage their sensitive documents. Perhaps, in time, the service may have another name entirely - one that better demonstrates the full extent of its functions.

Until then, Mirus IT are happy to help you with all your Managed Print needs. Get in touch with us today for a FREE Managed Print Assessment, helping you make the most of your company’s print setup.

Or, for a lighter look at our Managed Print offerings, check out our Managed Print episode of Mirus Sofa Time, with Managing Director Paul Tomlinson and Sales Director Dan Sharp.

Manage Your Printing and Network Vulnerabilities, While Reducing Costs with a Managed Print Solution.

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