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Make the Most of Office 365: Use Teams

If you’re familiar with Office 365, you’ll know that it’s a diverse suite of software with endless potential for expansion. Yet you might not yet be making the most of one of its later releases; Microsoft Teams.

While most people know Microsoft Teams as the successor to Skype For Business, it is in fact much more than simple chat software. The full productive potential of Microsoft Teams can change the way you interact with your apps, your workers, and even the way you complete complex projects.

What makes Teams so powerful is that it goes beyond the capabilities of other Office 365 apps, and is almost a platform in itself. Like a smartphone, it has support for numerous apps, while users can create their own ‘channels’ with other users, populating them with only the files and apps that they need to stay focused and finish important files and projects.

As part of the Office 365 environment, Teams is accessible from the cloud and compatible with Office 365 apps – and more, for that matter. Most importantly, Teams creates a consistent chat environment where files can be worked on collaboratively, documents are shared and updated across all users and devices, and everything shared is catalogued in one easy-to-manage location.

For any workplace running on the Microsoft environment, this could well transform the way you organise workloads, collaborate on projects and conduct business meetings.The Ease and Efficiency of Microsoft Teams eBook - Mirus IT EbOOK ICON

There’s plenty more to discover about Microsoft Teams – which is why we’ve compiled The Ease and Efficiency of Microsoft Teams; a free eBook guide to the true power and potential of the software, designed to ease new users into the Teams workspace.

Download Our NEW and Free 'The Ease and Efficiency of Microsoft Teams' eBook Now

This new eBook is the perfect way to get acquainted with the  many tools and abilities of Teams, and, as always, it’s completely free to download - simply click the book icon!



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