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#LoveMK Blog

#LoveMK Day 2018

Born and bred in Milton Keynes, the #MTeam are HUGE fans of the city (yes! We consider ourselves a city, not just a 'Large Town'), what better way to celebrate than with a BIG Mirus #LoveIn for the home of Mirus IT.

#LOVEMK is an annual day to promote Milton Keynes as a leisure and business destination and to harness the pride that many people have in their city. Destination MK and partners throughout the city will be asking the MK Twitter community to use the hashtag #LoveMK on all their tweets on 3rd May to try and get it trending in the UK, as it has done for the past five years.

We love Milton Keynes because:

I love Milton Keynes as it has always been at the forefront of new and innovative solutions as well as ideas. This goes right back to the first computer Colossus and right up to date with robots delivering food to peoples homes. We are the first for shops, cinemas, hotels and restaurants. Not only are we the first for a number of things we also have hidden gems throughout the city and what I love the most are the villages within the city itself with Shenley Church End, Woughton on the Green, Woolstone, Bradwell Village to name a few.

I love the surprises MK brings – so many secret villages with a good atmosphere and pubs! Always exciting to discover new places.

Red routes, lakes, the Bowl, being in a city one minute and a village the next, rail and road links, , being able to drive from one side of the City to the other in 15 minutes, Centre MK, The Hub, Xscape, the people, the buzz, MK Dons and the Concrete Cows, of course.

Chris M
I would rave about the fact that MK has Percy’s BBQ and they cook cornbread muffins!

I love all the greenery around the town – lots of trees and flowers.
I love how the grid system works, so you can never really get lost travelling around the town.
I do love the concrete cows 😊

I love the fact that people not from MK think it is a concrete jungle and those of us who live here know this is clearly not the case!

Open spaces
Hidden Places
Different races
Friendly faces
Knowledge bases ( eg Mirus)

I love MK because despite being labelled a concrete city it is actually one of the greenest cities in the country! I love the concrete cows, the lakes and the fact that we have 2 parkruns!

Milton Keynes Rocks! It’s the home of Marshall Amps the staple of any guitarist worldwide!

I love the diversity in MK, the different cultures and beliefs and that it is very easy to buy foreign food which would normally be very difficult elsewhere in the country 😊

I love the fact that I live in an area which is 2 mins from the main centre, yet feels like I am living in a village. 
For what is generally termed a concrete jungle, is in fact laden with fields and trees, rivers and parks and Summer Sunday mornings with church bells and the tweet of early birds 😊

What do I love about MK….The amount of green space we have here is amazing. We may have concrete cows but there’s plenty of real wildlife about the city if you go looking.

Chris H
I LOVE MK’s geographical location.  It’s close (but not too close) to the Capital and well placed/connected to reach everywhere else
I LOVE how it is also known as the rural City
I LOVE the high performance road grid system
I LOVE how you can reach anywhere in MK in around ten minutes and can be legally do 60mph and 70mph based on the single/dual carriageway grid system
I LOVE how traffic lights are infrequent and rare based on that this is a large area
I LOVE how it is where I want to be, home!

I love MK as its where my children were born!
I love MK as I love cows!
I love MK because of all the trees!
I love MK as I’ve watched it grow over the last 30 years!
I love MK for all the parks
I love MK as Mirus is based here
I love MK as I can get to London in 35 minutes but still live in the countryside!

I love MK as it's been my home since 1974, its' green, generally clean and plenty more.
Full of character, diversity and concrete cows, the range of activities will raise your eyebrows!
It's fashionable, classic, historic and new, it's time everyone out there knew it was true.

The three pillars of Mirus are:

Delivering outstanding service.
Offering strategically successful solutions.
Providing consistent customer satisfaction.



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