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Know your onions and your cyber security

Know your Onions When it Comes to Cyber Security?

The world of technology is complex and when it comes to data and cyber security, times that by 10!

The ever-growing list of threats and therefore array of potential solutions that your business or organisation needs to buy in order to ensure you are adequately protected!

One of the simplest ways to picture the best approach to data and cyber security is to imagine that this precious resource, your data, is the heart of an onion.  In the same way an onion does you need to protect that heart with multiple layers of defence, so should one be breached you have the next layer to protect you.

Therefore, the focus should be creating a layered approach to data security including but not limited to people, servers, endpoints, networks and in its simplest form physical security.

What might your layers include?

Anti-Virus – Everyone has AV on their machines, right? But is it licensed correctly, always up to date?

Backup and Disaster Recovery – Unfortunately the worst does happen! You need to ensure you have an effective plan for ensuring your business continues to operate in the event of a disaster.

People – Are your teams cyber aware? Would they be able to spot a ‘phishing’ style attack on your business? Would they recognise a spoofed email?

End Devices – Do you encrypt all the drives in laptops that leave your office? Do you allow unencrypted USB sticks?

Wireless – Is your wireless secured and locked down? Do you segregate ‘Corporate’ and ‘Guest’ networks?

Passwords – You enforce a password policy for all users – ensuring its all complex? You don’t share and display passwords anywhere and ensure they are changed every 90 days?

Firewalls – The world has changed and that firewall you purchased four years ago might not be up to the job. Newer ‘next-generation’ devices allow much greater security.

Physical Security – Do you keep IT equipment in a secure area i.e. people don’t have free and easy access to it when in your building.

User Management – An employee leaves the business, you do the exit interview, sort out their P45 but does someone remember to tell IT to disable their account?

There's always a balance to achieve between protection whilst allowing your business or organisation to function without overly complex or performance damaging processes and solutions in place.

In order to help you ‘know your security onions’ Mirus has created the Buckinghamshire Cyber Security Summit aimed at SME organisations, to be held at Chicheley Hall, Milton Keynes on the 8th November 2018. 

The drive for the event is to educate and inform, highlighting the risks and challenges that exist, but enabling you to plan and protect your business.

We’ve got the author of The Dark Web, Jamie Bartlett, one of the most sought-after experts in security and tech, Cal Leeming, and some of the leading cyber security experts, including Datto, Mimecast and Webroot. With a Panel Discussion where you can ask NOW your questions to be discussed, I don’t want you to miss out.

Lunch is included and it’s at the stunning Chicheley Hall.

For more information on the Bucks Cyber Security Summit and details on how to register for your FREE place, click the button below.

BCSS 2018

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