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One little download blog

Just one little download - that won't hurt will it?

Just one little download when no-ones looking at work? That’ll be fine won’t it. Don’t be fooled! Ransomware comes in all shapes and sizes.

Ensure your teams and your systems are protected with robust cyber security and IT best practice solutions. Our Service Engineers spend a lot of their time each month rebuilding machines that have been infected due to bad practice. Let us keep your IT systems and ultimately, your business safe.

Just check out these recent stats!

  • In 2017 Mirus IT Service Engineers spent over 175 hours ensuring our clients’ systems are protected against potential ransomware incidents.
  • In 2017 Mirus IT Service Engineers responded to 30 potential ransomware infection reports.
  • In 2017 our service engineers were called into help following a ransomware attack. Our team spent over 78 hours recovering data and putting better security in place!

Get in touch to ensure your IT is protected and monitored for potential ransomware threats. We offer a FREE IT Security Assessment (worth £1,500), book yours in for 2018.

The three pillars of Mirus are:

Delivering outstanding service.
Offering strategically successful solutions.
Providing consistent customer satisfaction.



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