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Is Your Standard Print Really Saving You Money?

For all that we at Mirus extol the virtues of Managed Print, a great many businesses still rely on their standard desktop inkjets for their printing needs. And why not? When your current setup is still fit for purpose, there’s little point breaking the bank with superfluous tech, right?

The price of a Multifunctional print device alone might be a bitter enough pill to swallow, but then there’s the extra technological considerations. With the device installed, wouldn’t you then need the newest managed print software to get the most of out of it? That scan-to-cloud function seems useful, but are you prepared to pay for the gigabytes of storage that your documents will slowly start to take up? And does a small business really need print security in an office of just 20 people?

While a standard printer is almost certainly cheaper than the average Managed Print device, the lack of control over your business print is almost certainly costing as much. Without the efficient management of print volumes, quality and paper sizes, the true scale of your print costs could struggle from the weight of unwanted, unmanaged print. Does a solution truly save you money when you can it can neither be managed nor monitored?


Whatever size your office environment, and whatever your print volume, the quiet economy of a Managed Print setup could save your business more than you think. By managing your print volumes, spreading your costs between designated departments and even by limiting your print quality, a managed print solution gives you more control over your printer costs than any standard print setup.

With secure print solutions protecting your documents, you can also protect against catastrophic data breaches – themselves costing thousands in lost business or hefty, GDPR-related penalties.


Manage Your Printing and Network Vulnerabilities, While Reducing Costs with a Managed Print Solution.

To see for yourself the full money-saving capabilities of a Managed Print Solution, check out The True Cost of Managed Print - you could be saving more than you think.



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