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Is Your Business at Risk Through Poor Cyber Awareness?

Cybercrime is a massive threat to businesses today, each month our Technical Services Team stop over 3 million breach attempts for our clients. Hacking and malware attacks are very lucrative for organised criminals, and the effect it can have on companies that fall victim to them can be devastating.

Your investment in tougher security solutions should a bigger priority than ever.

However, even the most prepared businesses can have weaknesses, and often, the most vulnerable part of an IT system is the people that use it. This is something criminals have worked out too, as can be seen in the increasing amount of social engineering tactics being used to bypass security defenses.

“Why waste time trying to pick a lock when you can just convince someone to open the door for you?”

In the 2018 Cyberthreat Defense report, it confirmed that the second biggest concern for organisations, is their employees’ lack of security awareness, it’s only marginally beaten by ‘lack of skilled personnel’

“..failing – year after year – to invest in your company’s “human firewall” is both inexplicable and inexcusable.”

If you, as the employer do not ensure your employees are aware and regularly trained on the potential cyber security threats facing every business today, or you have not properly informed them of their role in the cyber security of your business, or they have simply never been advised of their role in your company’s cyber security obligations – your company is at serious risk of a breach or attack.

If you have not immersed your employees in the cyber security of your data, they will be far more inclined to disregard or simply ignore your data security policies and procedures. This basic failing will ultimately lead to a cyber breach or malware attack, loss of data or ransomware and potentially a total business collapse.

The report states:

“Stepping into our proverbial soap box for a moment, we want to reiterate our shock and disappointment about IT security organizations’ not doing enough to train company personnel about how to minimize cybersecurity risks through safe computing.”

Are you actively educating your employees effectively about phishing attacks and involving them is the cyber security of your organisation?

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