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Is it time you evolved to Managed Print Services?

Any company looking to streamline print and document workflows should consider looking into a Managed Print Service. The current range of Managed Print Services available on the market from manufacturers and solution providers provide many opportunities to improve how your business navigates the flow of documentation, reduces costs and maintains a core business service to end users.

In recent years, advancements in cloud technology and innovation by manufacturers have ensured the humble printer and photocopier has developed into a becoming a diverse and useful business tool. The new wave of Multi-Functional Devices (MFPs) and software, is changing the way that we use our print systems. In fact, this trend is impacting on the very physical footprint in the offices of many organisations as companies dispense with their old standalone devices and are consolidating the number of hardware devices. Companies are starting to manage the estate centrally with their print partners.

How do you decide if it is time to move away from your current print model and evolve to Managed Print Services?

Here are some key points to help you assess if your company is ready to move to Managed Print Solutions.

Do you spend a lot of time on print management?

Managing and running a print environment is easy when the environment is small, but as your business grows and more users require a printing facility and other documentation services, maintaining a balance between the time spent managing your print estate and other tasks can soon become problematic. If your MFPs are spread out across multiple sites, each requiring their own level of management to maintain and refresh consumables, this can quickly become a time-consuming task to deliver and report on.  All that complexity simply isn’t going to help you in the long run and is ultimately costly.

A Managed Print Service removes the complexity, simplifies reporting and with a good partner monitoring consumption, the refreshment of consumables takes care of itself. The upside of this relationship will be gaining man hours back into the business, having better control over costs, and with integrated reporting tools, developing a true understanding of how print is used across the business.

Does your current print solution make budgetary sense anymore?

Printers, Photocopiers and MFPs all come at a cost. The most traditional approach is to pay a cost per page for the consumables, whilst the hardware itself is leased. Over time your business will change, the way that we work now is vastly different to just 5-10 years ago. How do you know if the investment you are making is still correct and cost effective?

With a Managed Print Service, clients receive regular reports including costs and business analysis, which delivers a more informed decision-making process. These reports can help identify cost reduction opportunities, site requirements and advise on potential policy changes that impact on business performance.

Get the right tool for the job!

The range and variety of MFP’s and printers available on the market today is staggering. Whilst you may think that having an all singing and dancing printer is exactly what you need, if you currently have an erroneous device in place, you could be running at higher costs than you shout, or even the opposite may be true, as you have a machine that underperforms and impacts directly on your business.

At the very start of a Managed Print Service, a print audit needs to be carried out. This audit will explore the costs of the print estate to the business and advise on the types of machines needed to meet production tasks and budget needs. With a full review it could become apparent that your sales office only prints a couple of contracts a week, and in trust, have no cause for a high-speed MFP with extended finishing options, however, the marketing department does! Getting the right technology in place from the start will help bring the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) into line and improve print performance where the variety of extra tools available on most products can deliver against real business objectives and department requirements.

Working with an experienced Print Partner who can deliver a Managed Print Service will help simplify the management of your estate, improve on business performance and workflows and remove unnecessary costs.  Up to 40% reductions are regularly achieved by our clients.

To discover how well your printers are performing and where you could benefit from partnering with a Managed Print Service you can request a FREE Print Audit to kick start the change.


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