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Employee Engagement – Mumbo Jumbo? Surely a wage is enough!

“Only 1/3 of your workforce are engaged in their jobs and it’s costing you money." In fact, in the UK, disengagement has been calculated to cost £2,048 per employee.
Over recent years Employee Engagement has moved from being mumbo-jumbo, fluffy management jargon, to a proven employee retention and client delight strategy. Simply put, it’s been confirmed that companies that are more effective at engaging their employees are proven to be more profitable.” Source: Hive HR

We know that an engaged team is a strong team, we also know that each member of our team, is different, has different values, varied interests and will be driven by different things. Their uniqueness makes us stronger and it’s this uniqueness that we need to protect, delight and engage.

We try and do this in many ways, we run group events, team events, entire company events. We do things for charity, we undertake CSR activities, we sponsor teams and play sports. We have monthly Friday Feeds where we provide lunch for the whole company, we have a great breakout room with play stations and a TV. Pool table, pizza oven, gym. We have plenty of free parking, we pay holidays, offer bonus schemes, provide free tea’s and coffees, water and two fridges and more.

We’re all over this!

Alongside all that stuff, we run gamification programmes for our clients and internal staff for the service teams, with these we aim to ensure we’re always above our base target of 87% SAT score, we’ve been in the mid to high 90’s for over 6 months now – totes smashing it!

Our Colleague of The Month Award ensures peer to peer appreciation and it’s well received each month. Here’s how it’s felt for some of the winners along with some of the wonderful comments our colleagues have written:

Dan has been awarded this accolade twice and comments “It’s great to work for a company that allows the staff to recognise their colleagues in this way. Winning Colleague of the month made me feel valued by the team as well as the business.
Sarah received some wonderful comments when she was awarded COtM including:

“Always willing to help out. Does the right thing and wants to make things better for colleagues and the business.”


“I’d like to nominate Sarah please, for being amazing!  It’s good to know that if I have some jobs that need picking up once I’ve gone home, she’s more than happy to help and I know I can trust her to do a good job J“

She commented “I was so happy when I won and felt really appreciated, I had worked really hard on a new system we were implementing, and it felt like all that hard work had really paid off.”

Liam is a recent winner and commented “Being recognised by my peers along with the comments they made was incredibly touching. I have only been with the business just a little over 6 months and to hear such positive feedback was truly humbling.”
His nominations included “The boy grafts every day and is a pleasure to work with


“He’s got a pretty tough job, but he’s always smiling and representing the business so well.”

Employee engagement is not just a ‘one for all’ reward, motivation is personal, motivation is individual, and different for everyone, now we know this, we can ensure that we can drive the passion and the commitment we want from each person within our team by striving to have the best method to engage them.

That’s why, along with all the other wonderful things we offer our team, we’re also bringing on board HiveHR as we understand that giving our workforce a permanent voice is proven to be a key driver of engagement levels.

Better engagement means we provide better support, if our support is outstanding then we delight our clients, if our clients are enjoying an excellent service, our teams will feel more motivated and rewarded.

Our team is our strongest tool, it’s our job as an employer, to provide the right environment, all the relevant and useful 'things' for the role along with the right learning opportunities and environment. We must also track, monitor and react to their needs.

It’s a journey, and one we’re undertaking great consideration for to ensure we get it right.

The three pillars of Mirus are:

Delivering outstanding service.
Offering strategically successful solutions.
Providing consistent customer satisfaction.



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