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International Women’s Day Pippa Loveridge

For International Women's Day, we're posting a series of blogs featuring some of the women in IT at Mirus. Today we're featuring Pippa Loveridge, Head of Marketing.

Pippa's part of the Mirus Sales & Marketing Team, based from the main Milton Keynes head office.

Pippa is responsible for the branding and marketing efforts for us, she looks after the Marketing team - Ali, Ryan and Ronni - and spends her days working on the Marketing Strategy and reporting.  Responsible for our events, social media, blogs, content, lead gen and more, Pippa also works with Ryan to produce our winning award entries!

We caught up with Pippa for our 'Women in IT 2020' series of blogs.

What’s your role at Mirus, and previous experience in the IT industry?Women in IT Images (2)
I’m Head of Marketing and have previously worked in the IT industry marketing hand held computers for many years.

What made you choose/inspired you to take up a career in IT/with Mirus IT?
I’d heard really good things about Mirus and had worked for a client previously (who, by the way, is still a client), so had first-hand experience of the MTeam's professionalism. I heard about the Head of Marketing role through a friend, and as I knew the company, sent my CV in.

What do you love most about working in IT/ at Mirus IT?
The banter – this place is full of characters. I laugh every day, and that builds strong friendships. I have trust in all my colleagues and co-workers as we know each other well.

Women in IT Images (3)Do you think more women should consider tech roles, and why?
I do, it’s a great industry, lots of variation, client facing roles, on-site roles, we have great industry events and awards. You don’t need to be technical to work in IT. There are plenty of non-technical roles in this industry, including mine, Marketing! We recently attended a Worktree event, and the students were surprised that Ronni and I were in an IT business - something we need to change.

What struggles, or opinions if any, have you encountered along the way?
None, I haven’t even experienced any mansplaining!

Do you feel like your gender has affected your treatment or experience in the industry?
Not at all. 

Who's your idol?
My daughter – she’s a force of nature, and I’m immensely proud of her.

What do you like to do outside of work, any hobbies?
Spend time with my family and I love to walk! I used to teach Pole Fitness and Aerial hoop part-time and was an avid gym goer, in fact, I need to get back to the gym! Oh and I'm up for adventures too, in fact! I'm jumping out of a plane for Harry's Rainbow charity soon, if anyone fancies sponsoring me #cheekyplug.

Thanks for your time Pippa, it's great to have you on the #MTeam!

Keep an eye on our main International Women's Day blog over the week as we recognise the women of Mirus and champion the rise of women in this vibrant industry!  

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