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International Women's Day Lauren Quinn, Mirus IT

International Women’s Day Lauren Quinn

For International Women's Day, we're posting a series of blogs featuring some of the women in IT at Mirus. Today we're featuring Lauren Quinn, Service Desk Technician.

Lauren's part of the Mirus Service Desk Team, based from the main Milton Keynes head office.

Lauren spends her days looking after our clients ensuring they're provided with timely, accurate and helpful assistance for their enquiries. Lauren is a key member of the team who, year after year, provides our clients with our Award-Winning customer service.

We caught up with Lauren for our 'Women in IT 2020' series of blogs.Lauren Quinn with Maple

What’s your role at Mirus, and previous experience in the IT industry?
I’m a Service Desk Technician - before this I was a SD Analyst at a recruitment company.

What made you choose/inspired you to take up a career in IT/with Mirus IT?
I enjoy working in IT and I like the training that Mirus provides along the way because it will help my career. 

What do you love most about working in IT/ at Mirus IT?
The people/social side of Mirus.

Lauren Quinn with Farley the HorseDo you think more women should consider tech roles, and why?
Yes, and I’m happy because I'm no longer the only girl on Service Desk, as Ashanti has recently joined and Karla sits on the table next to me, both of whom are also being featured for IWD2020.

What struggles, or opinions if any, have you encountered along the way?
None really, I don’t think. Although, I was immediately approached by Laura to join the ladies netball team!

Do you feel like your gender has affected your treatment or experience in the industry?
Not really, if anything positively because I think people want to encourage women into the role. 

What do you like to do outside of work, any hobbies?
I love my dogs Maple and Purdy, and also enjoy horse riding, regularly competing at weekends with my own horse Farley. 


Thanks for your time Lauren, it's great to have you on the #MTeam!

Keep an eye on our main International Women's Day blog over the week as we recognise the women of Mirus and champion the rise of  women in this vibrant industry!  

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