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Katie Barrington International Women's Day - Women in IT - Mirus IT

International Women’s Day Katie Barrington

For International Women's Day, we're posting a series of blogs featuring some of the women in IT at Mirus. Today we're featuring Katie Barrington, Client Manager.

Katie's part of the Mirus Sales and Marketing Team, based from the main Milton Keynes head office.

As one of the Mirus Client Managers, Katie spends her days looking after the needs and requirements of her clients.

We caught up with Katie for our 'Women in IT 2020' series of blogs.

What’s your role at Mirus, and previous experience in the IT industry?
I'm currently a Client Manager in the Sales Team. I had no previous experience in the IT industry prior to working at Mirus as I worked for arts organisations after graduating in Fine Art & Theatre Studies – so bit of a contrast!

What made you choose/inspired you to take up a career in IT/with Mirus IT?Katie Barrington International Womens Day 2020 (1)

As I left university during the financial crash/recession there were huge cuts in the arts that massively affected the paid opportunities on offer to graduates in that sector, where the increasing exploitation of unpaid internships (mostly in London) became the norm.

Having worked in a few galleries it became clear that the opportunities for real progression were being targeted at those with more business experience, with organisations needing to diversify their income streams and become less reliant on arts council funding.

This spurred me on to look at different industries where I could develop new skills and get some experience in the private sector. I’d always been interested in the creative potential of technology and had explored digital and video art as part of my practice, so when I interviewed at Mirus it felt like a good fit. The energy and enthusiasm within the company also really drew me in.

What do you love most about working in IT/ at Mirus IT?
The people – Mirus is definitely home to an interesting bunch of characters and personalities that have been a joy to work with over the years. I’ve found there’s always been an ethos of openness, with everyone pitching in to help overcome a challenging situation or share their knowledge and expertise. Mirus has also supplied me with lots of fancy dress opportunities over the years which has been a lot of fun! I’ve also really enjoyed the variety inherent in my job as an account manager in IT as it exposes me to all areas of the business, as well as the continually evolving nature of the technology landscape; even more so now we are part of the IT Lab group. 

Do you think more women should consider tech roles, and why?
Absolutely – and I think the next generation definitely are. I’ve always been eager to see more women in tech roles and having seen Mirus go from none to four in the last year makes me really excited to see this actively changing.

What struggles, or opinions if any, have you encountered along the way?
Katie Barrington International Womens Day 2020Going on maternity leave was a bit daunting as you never know how you’ll feel when coming back to work, but the business have been really supportive of me as a working parent, allowing me to continue my role on a part-time basis.

Do you feel like your gender has affected your treatment or experience in the industry?
I haven’t personally encountered any discrimination.

What do you like to do outside of work, any hobbies?
I like being active and getting outdoors as much as possible, mainly cycling or jogging with the Mirus running club and chasing around after my toddler. I also do a lot of gardening (my house is slowly turning into a jungle!) I still try and see as much art, theatre and live music as I can, as well as find the occasional moment to be creative myself!


Thanks for your time Katie, it's great to have you on the #MTeam!

Keep an eye on our main International Women's Day blog over the week as we recognise the women of Mirus and champion the rise of  women in this vibrant industry!  

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