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International Women’s Day Catalina Costas

For International Women's Day, we're posting a series of blogs featuring some of the women in IT at Mirus. Today we're featuring Catalina Costas, Field Service Engineer.

Catalina's part of the Mirus Service Team, based from the main Milton Keynes head office.

Catalina looks after our clients and their tech, telephony and managed print. We caught up with Catalina  for our 'Women in IT 2020' series of blogs.

What’s your role at Mirus, and previous experience in the IT industry?
My role at Mirus is Field Service Engineer, I have worked for another company called Network Support Services for about 5 years and I have also worked as freelancer as graphic/web design and I still have a passion for design.

What made you choose/inspired you to take up a career in IT/with Mirus IT?Catalina Costas International Womens Day 2020
 My parents have had the 1st internet café in town (Resita – Romania) and I have been involved in setting up the internet café, I started to learn what a network means, what a hub does and what a server looks like and I stared to make a passion for technology since then.
With Mirus, is not just about the huge name but the way Mirus does everything, I like things to touch the perfection and I feel Mirus` goal is to touch this perfection.

What do you love most about working in IT/ at Mirus IT?
I have been asked before and I will keep my answer to this, Is a man`s world where a woman can cook but can install a server too 😊! I have been put in a situation where a customer told me he did expect a man as an engineer and 2nd time he called in for an issue he asked for a woman, for me 😉 ! I do love to leave a site and behind me leave a customer saying: gender doesn't matter in IT anymore.

Catalina Costas International Womens Day 2020 (1)At Mirus, I do love the atmosphere, the fact I can grow as career and as a person as well.

Do you think more women should consider tech roles, and why?
I believe we are all good in something. Some people like working with paper some other like working with a sever. I don`t know if it is about more women working in tech roles but men accepting that a woman can solve a tech issue too, there is a place for everyone on the planet 😊

What struggles, or opinions if any, have you encountered along the way?
I believe that as a woman you start a job with 0% trust from some customers and you must build it in time, when a man starts with 100% trust.

Do you feel like your gender has affected your treatment or experience in the industry?
Yes, and I've had various experiences. I have been asked to leave a site once because I am a woman and the customer is not happy with it, I had a phone call from another customer telling me that he would like to talk with a male engineer about his issue, my salary was lower than my men engineer colleagues, some projects were put under my name then taken off me, because the boss did not trust I can do the job. It's hard to survive in this world but to do it you have to prove it 😊 and I feel I have proved it so far.

Who's your idol?
I just love Will Smith 😉!

What do you like to do outside of work, any hobbies?
I play football, I did play at professional level and played for my national team and my 1st international game was against England 😊! I love snowboarding and break dancing, I read a lot and I am learning all the time, and I love documentaries, especially conspiracy theories.

Wow, Catalina, it's great to have you on the #MTeam!

Keep an eye on our main International Women's Day blog over the week as we recognise the women of Mirus and champion the rise of women in this vibrant industry!  

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