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Becky Hawkes International Women's Day 2020 Mirus IT

International Women’s Day Becky Hawkes

For International Women's Day, we're posting a series of blogs featuring some of the women in IT at Mirus. Today we're featuring Becky Hawkes, Procurement Manager.

Becky's part of the Mirus Sales & Marketing Team, based from the main Milton Keynes head office managing the day to day running of the procurement team. Her team look after client queries, quotes and the purchasing of all IT equipment and software.

We caught up with Becky for our 'Women in IT 2020' series of blogs.

What’s your role at Mirus, and previous experience in the IT industry?
I'm the Procurement Manager and this is my first role within the IT industry.Becky Hawkes International Womens Day 2020

What made you choose/inspired you to take up a career in IT/with Mirus IT?
The culture of Mirus mainly as I had not worked in IT previously. An office with good vibes and honest, down to earth people.

What do you love most about working in IT/ at Mirus IT?
The same as above to be honest, I’m much more tech savvy now and even managed to pass my email phishing knowledge to family, so they don’t open those dodgy emails!

Do you think more women should consider tech roles, and why?
Yes, women should not be put off by thinking it’s a male dominated environment, it’s great and plenty of opportunity for progression. Plus, as per my own team at Mirus, you do not even necessarily need to take a technical role; we are not technical (although we do have great knowledge from learning on the job) but do have plenty of technical support around us.

What struggles, or opinions if any, have you encountered along the way?
There have been situations that have made me feel that, being a female, my word doesn't carry as much authority as that of a male colleague, when, as Department Manager, it should.

Do you feel like your gender has affected your treatment or experience in the industry?
Not as an Employee for Mirus.
As far as I can see, we are all treated equally. As for the struggles above, the gender thing can sometimes be an issue and occasionally can make me feel undermined Becky Hawkes International Womens Day 2020because of my sex.

Who's your idol?
Tracy Garton (my newly found Donkey Rescuer idol!)

What do you like to do outside of work, any hobbies?
Latino Ladies Dance Class
Chilling with my cats

Thanks for your time Becky, it's great to have you on the #MTeam!

Keep an eye on our main International Women's Day blog over the week as we recognise the women of Mirus and champion the rise of women in this vibrant industry!  

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