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Safeguard your valuable data - Learn the importance of backing up data

Data is an extremely valuable resource that could be very costly in terms of time and money to recreate if it is lost. For some types of data such as treasured photographs or critical financial and scientific data, it often is not possible to re-create this data in a satisfactory manner. Therefore, the importance of backing up data can not be understated as performing regular data backup ensures the availability of important data whenever you need it.'

Work-Harder-Not-SmarterFB.jpgThere are three significant reasons why data backups are very important in today's digital age:

  1.  The inevitability of hardware failure
  2.  Deletion or corruption due to human error
  3.  Natural or man-made disasters

Today's computers, laptops and tablets are ubiquitous as most families own one or more these systems today. Data, such as tax forms, photographs and legal documents, originally stored in safes, safety deposit boxes, albums and other storage containers in the past now resides on these electronic devices. Without frequent data backups, a simple hard disk drive crash could wipe out years of important financial information in an instant.

Frequent backups provide critical protection against human error. Many times, people delete files that they thought were unimportant only to find out later contained important data. Clicking on e-mail links or visiting dubious websites often leads to corruption of data resulting from malicious cyber attacks such as ransomware or other malware. In both of these cases, having a verified data backup can allow you to reload this data on another system.

Often times disasters befall people when they least expect it. Fire, flooding, tornadoes or other natural phenomena can destroy the electronic devices that contain valuable data suddenly and without warning. Explosions and EMG attacks could destroy these electronic devices depriving us of our critical data if good data backup does not exist.

While maintaining one or more good data backups is critical for preserving our valuable data, it is important to remember that data backups are not immune to the ravages of time. Verifying that data can be accessed from these backups at three-month intervals will ensure data integrity and permit creation of an additional backup if necessary. To get more information on safeguarding your data, please contact us today.


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