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If you build it, they will come blog header OU Distance Learning Mirus IT

If you build it, they will come.

There’s no Kevin Costner here, unfortunately, and we’re not looking to build a baseball pitch for legendary players at Mirus, we’re just looking to attract, develop and retain the best team we can in order to provide the most effective working environment, and the highest quality customer service and support.

Personal Development is incredibly important to us all as individuals, at Mirus IT, we recognise that. We understand that knowledge, opportunities and considered development, will ensure we retain and attract the right people for us. This in turn will guarantee they become highly skilled and experienced, all of which, will impact our performance and improve our overall business service – delighting our customers even more!

Bottom line: By delivering continual development opportunities to our teams, we’re ensuring that we supply the best service to our clients which is imperative in order for us to hit and maintain our business objectives, and grow our business in line with our growth strategy.

At Mirus everyone works hard to ensure our service is impeccable, our team ethics are strong, and we’re supporting and developing skilled and happy colleagues, if we continue to work with this in mind, Mirus can and will thrive.

Just as each team member invests their time in us, we need to invest in them. The goal is all-round delight.

To this aim, we’ve recently introduced distance-based learning with an Open University Apprenticeship scheme. This means we can directly help our employees gain a degree and support them with not only their fees to accomplish this but be able to help with their study time too. The total cost for a four-year degree is £27,000 which is a significant investment, we feel it’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to provide this to our colleagues for free.

We spoke to some of the guys already studying for their degree:

Paul O'Connor

Paul O’Connor is our Business Analyst and he’s happy to admit he jumped at the chance to take advantage of this incredible additional development track.

Paul is studying for his Digital Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprenticeship – Data Analyst Specialism.

This course covers:

- Career development and employability
- Introduction to computing and information technology
- Computing technologies
- Change, strategy and projects at work
- Web technologies
- Object-oriented programming (OOP) with Java
- Service, project and requirements management
- IT systems: planning for success

And for his specialism Paul is looking at:

- Data structures
- Algorithms and computability
- Data management and analysis
- What I expect from the course:
- A challenge, and a big one for the next 4 years!

We asked:

Why are you studying this?

For me personally, it will be the highest qualification I have achieved academically, but this will also provide me with a bigger suite of tools and knowledge to draw upon for my current role within Mirus. From that, I then expect to be able to moving Mirus into the cutting edge of reporting by developing our own reporting system

Alison Reynolds

Alison Reynolds, is our Business Development Executive for our Telephony clients, and again was incredibly excited to have the chance to undertake a degree.

Why are you studying this?

I’m studying Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, and I’m really enjoying it. So far I’ve learned about different types of businesses, how businesses affect stakeholders (and what stakeholders are), the differences between corporations, LTD companies etc, what a manager does, and how managers are perceived and how to carry out a SWOT analysis on a business.

I’ve always wanted to do a degree and prior to having my son I had started a Psychology degree with the OU, however withdrew from the course when I got pregnant as wanted to concentrate on my pregnancy and much longed for baby. I was always planning on picking my degree up again once my son started school, however circumstances in my personal life changed and I became a single mum, raising a 4-year-old son on my own with limited time and funds.

My son is now getting older and by the time I finish my degree, he will be in secondary school, which means that I will then be in a position to increase my working hours and hopefully be able to put my new learning to good use to benefit both Mirus, myself and my family.  My long-term aim, which has been on my PDR (Mirus Personal Development Review) , is to have my own team to manage providing our customers with a very high level of customer service (something which I’m passionate about). I feel this degree will be able to help me achieve this aim and not only benefit Mirus and myself, but also our customers.

I feel very fortunate and lucky to be given this opportunity from Mirus.  My self-confidence has at times been low, but for my manager and employer to have belief, support and fund me in my dreams of obtaining a degree, really means a lot and has helped to boost my confidence. I really don’t think I would have ever been able to fund my degree myself, so I am massively grateful that I’ve been given this opportunity, and hopefully achieve my dream.

Take a look here if you’d like to know more about working at Mirus IT.

The three pillars of Mirus are:

Delivering outstanding service.
Offering strategically successful solutions.
Providing consistent customer satisfaction.



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