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Identifying the IT savings, you don’t realise you could be making!

It’s fair to say that all organisations would like to reduce the cost of their IT, but at the same time, are under pressure to offer better, faster, and more reliable technology systems to enable their staff to achieve more in their working day.

Seems like an impossible mission!

Believe it or not, it’s not that hard a problem to solve, but we need to approach the challenge from a different angle to find the savings many don’t know exist. There is far more to the “cost of IT” than simply Hardware, Connectivity, and IT Support.

Let’s explore some ways you could make savings:


Gone are the days of accepting your CRM doesn’t talk to your email, or that you can’t run a specific report, and must spend time each month building it out manually in Excel.

Manual Workarounds are time, and therefore money, wasted! We recently met with a company who had three people spending 40% of their time manually inputting data as two systems were incompatible. To assign a cost to this avoidable activity we can run a quick estimate on the costs:

The UK salary average is £27,600.00 per year (2015), and this business is spending 40% of three individual’s salaries on an unnecessary task means that £33,120.00 per annum in salaries is being wasted!

This was just one unnecessary activity that what was apparent in just one department of the business, what other costly ‘workarounds’ are in place in other departments?

This issue becomes further amplified for businesses that bill for their time, Solicitors, Lawyers, and Recruitment Consultants for instance. The time wasted on IT workarounds and poor IT systems directly affects their ability to bill for their time.


The best way to understand how IT is impacting an individual’s ability to perform to the best of their ability is to ask them directly, not the IT team who look after the IT systems. Your IT users are a powerful tool as they can provide you with an understanding of areas within your business where you can have quick wins and can minimise lost time and increase productivity. Best of all, you’ll have a workforce that feel that you are engaging with them, and that you are trying to help them in their role.

Did you know that 42% of people have said that they would leave their company if it had poor IT systems?

Many companies run workplace employee surveys to understand what could be improved in their business. Why not ask your staff this simple question:

"How can we improve your IT experience to help you better carry out your role?"

It’s certain to grab employee’s attention and will lead to some valuable feedback!

It’s time to start thinking about the monetary impact your IT systems are having on your employee productivity.

If you need help understanding how you can reduce your cost of IT, get in touch!

Our dedicated VCIO works with our customers on a daily basis providing them with the specific strategy they need to minimise wasted time and better aligning technology to their business goals and evolving needs.


Do you want to find out how much money your IT Solutions could be wasting each month?

Check out our FREE IT Savings Calculator, where you can see the costs incurred by your slow and ineffective IT solutions, workarounds and systems.

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