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How your business can avoid Microsoft's 2017 Price Increases


As you may or may not be aware, last month Microsoft announced that they would be increasing the price of their products from January 2017.

Cloud based services such as Office 365 and Azure are to rise by 22% in price, where as on-premise software is to rise by 13%.Time_-_Money.jpg

Why the increase?

Microsoft are blaming the fall in value of Sterling against the Euro and Dollar after the EU Referendum undertaken in the UK earlier in the year. They say the price increases are a bid to "harmonise prices for enterprise software and cloud services within the EU/EFTA region.".

When does the price increase?

The price changes are due to come into effect in January 2017, but will not affect existing orders that are subject to price protection.  "For example, customers with Enterprise Agreements have price protection on previously ordered enterprise software and cloud services, and will not experience a price change during the term of their agreement. Similarly, business customers with cloud commitment subscriptions such as Office 365 also receive price protection during their subscription term, which is normally twelve months from the start of paid subscription."

How can I avoid the increase?

There is a simple way to avoid these increases, place your order before the end of 2016! The price increases are coming into effect in January 2017, so any orders that are placed before the end of the year (as long as they are subject to price protection) will not be affected by the price increases.

If you're interested in ordering any Microsoft products/solutions then get in touch via our Contact Us Page Here and we can discuss your best options for avoiding any price increases!

You can read more about Microsofts price increases here: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/uktechnet/2016/10/21/important-volume-licensing-update/

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