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How Much Further Can You Take Your Managed Print

How Much Further Can You Take Your Managed Print?

Well, the stats are in and it seems that the benefits of a Managed Print setup are no mystery to business owners worldwide. According to a report from Quocirca, 79% of businesses worldwide foresee extra spending on their Managed Print setup – some significantly so – as they enter 2020.

The UK, however, remains the most ‘conservative’ Managed Print spender, pledging to invest the least into its Managed Print budget over the next year. Are we merely being frugal, or are we just not sure where next to take our print strategy?

Your print setup is about much more than just getting words onto paper; it’s a way to manage your business workflows now, and in the future. If you’re yet to embrace the full potential of your Managed Print, or you’re just not sure how much further yours can go, allow us to explore the many stages of Managed Print, and why its possibilities truly are endless.

Stage 1 – Keeping it Simple

Let’s not teach you to suck eggs; chances are, if your company fits into anything larger than the average garage, you’re already familiar with your Managed Print setup. You’re able to designate print volumes and types, you’ve implemented a secure print solution to protect your sensitive documents and you’re managing your print capabilities around your company’s budget and objectives. This is an excellent first step to consolidating your setup and making your print costs more manageable. Yet if your print output is set to increase this year (and QuoCirca’s stats suggest it will), why settle for making it cheaper when you could make it smarter too?

Stage 2 –  Working Smarter, Not Harder

It’s easy to take the benefits of your Managed Print at face value, but with an interpretive mind you could turn them into a productivity powerhouse. Once you recognise that all information sent to and from your Multifunction Print device is digitised, you’ll see a vast library of data and analytics to work with.

Even with a simple technical infrastructure, you can start making a true digital transformation with the information you collect from your print setup. Do you need to create hard copies of your documents, or could you not save them digitally onto a secure server, where they can be viewed by the relevant users? Is there a way to speed up your peak printing times? Are you wasting money on high-quality, colour print when a simple, monochrome printout will suffice? Your devices, and your Managed Print provider, are constantly gathering this kind of feedback so you can better manage your workflows. Not only does this help you to identify performance inhibitors, it can set you up for the next stage of your fleet’s evolution.


Stage 3 – Humanising Your Devices

Narrowing down your print jobs is only one part of the puzzle. What if your printers could take a load off your workers by doing the menial work for them? Devices such as those in the Develop Ineo+ range have truly transformative capabilities; scanning document barcodes, recognising handwriting and signatures, scanning key document areas for text and details, or even filtering documents for keywords. This creates an incredible resource, saving on time, overheads, paperwork and costs, as documents enter your device and leave it fully processed - all without a single unnecessary printout.

Stage 4 – Liberating Your Print… and Your WorkforceWhere Can Printers Take Your Business - Mirus IT

With your print jobs and processes now part of a digital workflow, you can start sharing more opportunities and resources with your employees, including those outside the print department. Better yet, the capabilities of your Managed Print will continue to assist any new initiatives, thanks to their wider-reaching capabilities.

If you’re looking to roll out a remote working policy, for example, your employees can work from outside the office, confident that paperwork is being processed accurately and efficiently by your automated systems. Similarly, the scan-to-cloud capabilities of modern devices mean time-sensitive documents are uploaded the moment they enter the scanner, ready for your remote-enabled users to access them.

Yet internal departments will continue to reap these benefits too. Software such as Develop’s Convert and Share is an excellent tool for GDPR compliance, able to scan documents for address formats, sensitive keywords or other personally identifying information. With a series of simple instructions, documents can be shared safely, with no revealing information ever divulged.

Stage 5 – Forward Thinking

Even if you’ve implemented all the above, there’s still plenty to come. With Multifunction print devices almost as capable as a laptop computer, there’s plenty of opportunities to update, iterate and innovate. As the rest of your infrastructure evolves, the capabilities of your Managed Print are set to evolve with them. All the more reason to embrace the capabilities of your print setup – it is, after all, more than just a convenience.

With Mirus Managed Print and IT, your company infrastructure is set for success, with award-winning managed services and ongoing assistance when you need it most.

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