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How Many Hats Are You Wearing?

Are You Trying to Manage Your Business’ Technology On Your Own?

Because most business owners tend to juggle multiple hats for their organisation instead of focusing on key elements of the business, many owners find it hard to maintain constant updates, data recovery, system maintenance and more. More often than not, this is a time-consuming process which may lead to a business that isn't able to fully utilise the technology at hand.

Fashion Hat Shop

Small and medium businesses require IT services, and at some point, they needed to hire technical personnel to maintain their systems. But it is more than just fixing computers; computers are the core to the management of any business. When technology investments fail, every aspect of your business is also at risk of failing. Productivity stops, payroll money is wasted, customers and clients become unsatisfied. As a result, they take their business elsewhere.

One solution to prevent this, while still keeping technology affordable is to work with an IT partner, or Managed Service Provider (MSP).

What Are MSPs?

IT service providers play a key role in helping a business achieve substantial growth, invigorated economic development, and reduced time, effort and cost for production of any material. They help a business understand the real costs of integrating quality IT infrastructures to business processes and to avoid disruptions and costs when systems go awry because of poor management.

As regards to information security, MSPs can clearly explain how a minor information breach can lead to unfortunate consequences that may leave your business in despair and provide the systems to prevent this. Moreover, they can also educate people in the organisation about the benefits of enhancing business operations through certain IT infrastructures.

In other words, an MSP like Mirus is responsible for helping to manage a company's IT. Think of us as your partner in technology who works with you to ensure business success.

The MSP to Look For

Over the past 11 years, Mirus has been delivering quality IT support to SME's from a variety of industries. We are determined to provide the right solutions to our clients as we dedicate time and energy to understand the needs and deliver a range of IT services that you can rely on. The services we offer include:

Managed Services – Our Managed Services agreements offer the extent of proactive support you'd expect to receive from an internal IT team. As such you can expect the Mirus IT team to:

  • Guarantee your system by delivering fixed service level agreements to your core services and giving you financial certainty with predictable and fixed monthly costs removing high IT expenditures.
  • Maintain your systems while you concentrate on core business functions.
  • Automate maintenance tasks, like Windows Updates and Anti-Virus, to ensure your systems are always updated and secure.
  • Protect your systems against Web infection and include Internet filtering management.
  • Increase business potency by aligning IT to your business needs.
  • Reduce business risk by investment in services not technologies.
  • Give you access to expertise and also the advantage of the newest technologies.
  • Deliver the flexibility and scalability you need to survive in the challenging market conditions today and to still grow in the future.

Office and IT Relocation - We also have in depth expertise in moving businesses locally, across the country or overseas. We provide you with a hassle-free IT relocation service. We have network partners all over the UK and overseas, so wherever your business is planning to move, we are able to assist in the most cost effective method.

Disaster Recovery - Disk based, tape replacement backup and restore facility for critical systems and data. This service, fully managed through our control Centre provides a solution for the rapid backup and restoration, both locally and offsite, of full systems, individual files or Microsoft Exchange Data.

Hardware and Software procurement services - Mirus IT's dedicated procurement team offers our customers a direct point of contact for day-to-day IT requirements. Members of the team have an excellent knowledge of the technology, licensing, and warranty issues which are crucial in purchasing IT hardware and software.

Managed Print - From standalone printers to high-volume, multifunction units, a wide range of printers and copiers can be either purchased or leased. Managed Print primarily allows you to manage the prices of printing through intelligent monitoring software to identify opportunities to save costs - all at a fixed, regular cost through a Managed Print support agreement.

Monitor IT - MonitorIT is a monitoring and reporting service offered to IT teams looking for complete visibility of network and device performance. MonitorIT provides all the data required to effectively manage and convey the status of your network infrastructure. It is suited to SMBs with an internal IT team, schools and educational institutions and compliance regulated organisations. 

Mirus IT responds to your needs and understands your business. We are always happy to be of service. Just give us a call! 

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