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How Managed Print Makes a Greener Planet

How Managed Print Makes a Greener Planet

Arguably, we’re more aware than ever of our lifestyle, industry and technology’s effects on the environment – not to mention climate change.

So how could your business use a Managed Print solution for a cleaner, more eco-friendly office space?

Public demand for sustainable, environmentally friendly ways of working is on the rise. Amid what many consider to be a climate emergency, it certainly doesn’t hurt to find ways to save both money and the environment in your day-to-day work.

While the ‘paperless office’ remains an implausible pursuit for a great many businesses, and demand for print solutions is set for 5 years of continual rise, there’s nothing stopping the eco-conscious company from making ozone-friendly changes to their print. Here’s how:

A Full Printing Assessment How Managed Print Makes a Greener Planet

Whenever you first enquire about Managed Print – or, indeed, whenever you simply want a review of your existing setup – your provider can perform a full print assessment. This in-depth overview of your print volumes and habits will help you identify periods of high print volumes, your most resource-intensive print jobs, and all associated costs. By significantly reducing each of these, you’re not only lowering costs, but your carbon footprint as well.


Multifunction Devices (MFDs)

How Managed Print Makes a Greener PlanetBesides the obvious convenience of rolling multiple hardware into one, a Multifunction device also produces far fewer carbon emissions than a separate printer and scanner. Meanwhile, leading brands are going much further; manufacturers such as Olivetti have dedicated themselves to eco-friendly print, lowering the temperature output, energy consumption and even packaging materials on modern d-Color devices.


Process Automation

Modern print devices are almost as capable as the average workplace laptop – so take advantage of their features. With smart-scanning, character recognition and Smart Document capabilities, you could scan a single document into your MFD and have the necessary signatures, filing and auditing completed before any unnecessary paperwork comes out the other side.


Doing it DigitallyHow Managed Print Makes a Greener Planet

With scanning to the cloud now an out-of-the-box solution for most MFDs, businesses no longer need to rely on paper or postage to get documents into the hands of their recipients. With cloud storage, there’s also a plenty of space online for filing and storage – saving on floor space as well as paper waste!

Fully Controllable

Your Managed Print setup lets you designate whatever print standards you deem appropriate. Whether that’s forced double-sided printing or using only black and white ink, you can control just how many non-renewable resources are used for every print job. Why let anyone use resources they don’t need?

Even if your print output increases, it doesn’t mean your waste emissions have to too. With just a few simple alterations to your Managed Print setup, you could help contribute to a greener, more efficient office – all while saving on expenses.

Free Print Assessment

With Smart Monitoring keeping you supplied, Secure Print protecting your devices from data breaches and Managed Print helping to automate your processes, let Mirus supplement your strategy and help lower the costs of your everyday print environment.

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