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Where Does Print Fit into Your Company Strategy?

Even if you’re amongst the majority of UK businesses with a managed print solution, how well are you incorporating yours into your company’s IT strategy?

This time last year, a Quocirca survey revealed that under 1 quarter of businesses believed that Managed Print played a role in their digital transformation. While that might change in 2020 – especially with 54% of those surveyed expecting Managed Print to be more transformative by then – are you making the most of yours?

Once upon a time, it was what came out of your printer that mattered most; it was a device designed to get your documents off the screen and onto your paper. Now, anything that enters your multifunctional device creates a wealth of possibilities for productivity and efficiency.

Your multifunctional print devices store just as much information as they print out; they’re essentially a whole new deck of your computer fleet, with the bonus of on-board scanning and printing. That means that data is in abundance – data you can use in your greater business strategy.

What key print times, document types and processes are potentially slowing down your processes?

With your device’s capabilities for document analytics, you can measure the flow of documents through any department at any time of day. This could help highlight instances where high print volumes are crippling productivity.

Yet that’s a simple example, so let’s go a little deeper. What if we could determine the types of document being printed, and whether those documents can be completed in a virtual, rather than printed, format? Document automation – another great feature of modern MFPs - could intelligently complete common forms using saved data or workflows. Documents that were once completed using pen and paper processes might instead be created using auto-completed fields.

As we touched upon in our quick blog on Papercut MF 19.0, managed print software is now capable of optical character recognition; able to pick up on data in text format and convert it into common file formats for quick and easy editing.

The latest Develop Ineo+ printers have similar capabilities, able to read barcodes, handwriting and even images. They can also be configured to recognise and scan areas of a document that print admins designate, capturing only the signature or address fields, for example.


This is transformative for the way that documents are processed. Imagine being able to:

- Redact entire areas of sensitive data for GDPR purposes, for example, or being able to
- Quickly search, find and amend key document fields for last-minute updates.

You’re no longer scanning an image into your MFP devices; you’re scanning valuable, workable data in bulk.

And where there’s bulk data, there’s the cloud solutions to cater to them. Print-to-cloud solutions once again prove that the cloud has transformative potential for businesses, and scan-to-cloud solutions mean that workers, whatever the time or place, can access their documents anywhere and from any device.

This means your documents are located off-site, protected from the threat of hacks or data breaches by your firewalls and online cloud security. With an ever-growing list of storage providers including Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint Online and Dropbox supporting your scan-to-cloud processes, there’s nothing stopping your remote workers accessing their pivotal documents. 

Managed Print strategies have almost always been about saving money, but with the arrival of such software as PapercutMF Pro and Ineo’s Convert+Share, businesses can also save time on long, laborious workflows. Now’s the time to treat your managed print as an opportunity, not just an economy.

For more assistance with your Managed Print – be it cutting print costs or streamlining workflows – get in touch with Mirus. We’ll work to your strategy, goals and budget to create the perfect print solution for your business – or simply make use of our FREE Managed Print Health Check.     

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