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Online Training – your investment in your remote teams

Home Working: the Perfect Time for Learning and Upskilling

By now, many of us have been working from home long enough to settle into something of a rhythm.

Yet while some of us adapt well to that structure, others might feel themselves stagnating without those workplace benefits.

Sure, without having to commute (or abide by typical office etiquette!), working from home has its benefits. We’re able to dedicate those precious early hours to an all-new workout routine  - or write our company’s blog content while still in our pyjamas (ahem). With our home working solution often boiled down to the bare essentials, it can be hard to keep our all-new workplace vibrant and stimulating.

When the workload starts to lull, or users find their attitude to work waning, it might be the perfect opportunity to introduce some extra, on-the-job learning. Not only can this really add some variety to the limited nature of home working, it helps nurture an even more capable workforce, provide some welcome stimulus and enforce employee empowerment - at a time that can occasionally feel a little helpless.

Your Teams Don't Just Need Training - They Want It

As we explored in our blog of the same name, your teams don’t just need training – they want it. The most in-demand benefit for any modern worker is the ability to upskill and, according to research by Deloitte and Asure Software, providing extra learning capabilities is near-essential to employee satisfaction and retention. If anything, the current national emergency (the Covid-19 impact) is all the more reason to expand your learning portfolio – not restrict it.Your Teams Dont Just Want Training They Need It - Mirus IT

If it all sounds a little unmanageable – and we’ve got enough on our plates as it is – consider the ease and efficiency with which training can be delivered. With so many on-line accreditations, courses and assessments now available, users have more choice than ever over what they learn and when. Crucially, the always-available nature means there’s little planning required; at most, you might simply designate study times for individual users.

Motivate Them To Forge Their Own Development

With online learning, users can upskill at their own pace; they’re not bound by times or commitments, and can designate their training time around deadlines or other important milestones. Similarly, there’s no penalties for withdrawing – users can continue the majority of courses from wherever they left off.

Motivate Your Teams to Forge Their Own Development  Mirus ITHaving a selection of learning materials online also means the training is more personalised; users can seek the modules most relevant to them, or forego the group learning sessions that may not be appropriate for them. This might even motivate them to forge their own development, not only building on existing skills but creating whole new avenues and abilities.

You might also want to curate and collate a selection of internal training resources. Within Mirus, we run regular phishing tests on our users as part of their cyber security training, and have developed a wealth of training materials including our own eBooks, webinars and instructional videos, as well as regular training sessions with our internal training and development manager.


Create a Resource Library Available To Your Workers Wherever They Connect From

While not every company shares the same training resources, common workplace software, such as SharePoint, allows users to create a portal of shared documentation. Make the most of your company intranets, shared folders or portals; start compiling your relevant training materials and, if you haven’t already, create a resource library available to your workers wherever they connect from.Create a Library of Resources for Your Staff - Mirus IT

Over the past few weeks Mirus, along with our friends at Content and Code & IT Lab, has been contributing to the nation’s upskilling with numerous webinars and portals specific to the home working situation. Content and Code’s Covid 19 hub is an excellent place to start, with webinars on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, alongside materials on data protection and secure home working. Our recent SharePoint webinar, meanwhile, is the perfect introduction to Microsoft’s collaborative portal – perfect for those looking to consolidate their workplace resources into one online hub.

We also continue to offer online training programmes of our own via the Mirus Training Academy. From regular Phishing Awareness Courses to tutorials on major Microsoft software, including key Office 365 applications, our online training is still available for users looking to expand their existing skillset, or familiarise themselves with any new and unfamiliar software.

Home working might keep your employees housebound, but that needn’t mean they can’t go places. Winning at Encouraging Staff Training and Development - Mirus IT

By encouraging more workplace training, your users feel revitalised, appreciated and more capable than ever – ready to delight clients with a trove of new skills while working from home and upon their return to the office.

Whatever learning strategy suits your organisation, the Mirus team is on-hand for efficient and effective training solutions. Our Training Academy covers a range of operating systems and software, including major Office 365 apps, while our Microsoft certified experts can help you develop solutions for Teams, SharePoint and other collaborative solutions. 

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