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Having Difficulty Understanding Cyber Crime and Cyber Security?

Whilst you’re likely to have seen huge amounts of press about high profile data leakages and hackings that have happened at huge organisations such as Yahoo and Dixons Carphone Warehouse, what you might not be able to understand is how that relates to you and your business.

Firstly, what you need to understand is that not all of the targets for cybercrime are huge multi-billion pound organisations – these are just the ones that you hear about as they make the press/internet.  What you don’t hear about are your suppliers, customers, neighbouring businesses that yesterday got ‘phished’ and have had all their emails forwarded to an unknown source, or their MD’s email spoofed and the Accounts Dept has transferred £10,000 to pay a new supplier.

This is the real world of cyber crime, it’s happening on a daily basis and is on the increase, here are some interesting facts:

 - Business cyber crime is up 63% year on year
 - 4 in 10 businesses experienced a cyber security breach of some kind in 2017
 - On average it takes businesses 120 days to realise data has been compromised
 - Only 3 in 10 businesses have a cyber security policy

To help increase your knowledge, awareness and educate businesses to the threats that are faced Mirus have launched the inaugural ‘Buckinghamshire Cyber Security Summit’ being held at the prestigious Chicheley Hall on the 8th November 2018.

Among the speakers in attendance will be Jamie Bartlett, author of ‘The Dark Net’ and Cal Leaming, Security Advisor and Founder.  Alongside these two keynote sessions you will hear from a wide array of organisations and real organisations on how they deal with Cyber Security.

For more information on the Bucks Cyber Security Summit and details on how to register please click the button below.

BCSS 2018

The three pillars of Mirus are:

Delivering outstanding service.
Offering strategically successful solutions.
Providing consistent customer satisfaction.



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