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FREE Security review from Mirus IT Solutions

With the increase in storage of sensitive data and the number of threats to your IT Systems constantly growing, every business needs to protect their network which in turn will protect their data.
Any business connected to the internet should be secured using a firewall device, ideally one capable of stateful packet inspection. Typically firewalls are used to protect external attackers gaining access to your data and here at Mirus we supply budget devices such as the Sonicwall TZ series through to devices more appropriate for larger enterprises such as Cisco ASA devices.
External attacks are not the only issue a business faces with regards to Security, a business's data can be its most important asset, recently we have begun deploying solutions which control the behaviour of your client machines and limit the connection of peripheral devices or non-approved machines to your network, this will ensure your data remains within the business.

At Mirus we have extensive experience with Ethical Hacking and we can offer a FREE Security review for your business, giving you a report on potential issues security which may face your business.

Please contact us today to organise a FREE Security Review.

About Mirus IT Solutions

Mirus IT are a leading provider of managed IT services and IT support to businesses across Milton Keynes and Northampton. Focusing heavily on proactive management and monitoring of our clients networks, we provide a truely all inclusive service allowing businesses to focus on what they do best.

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