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The Free Digital Revolution Live Event is Now Available On Demand

The Free Digital Revolution Live Event is Now Available On Demand!

Digital Revolution Live was a free online event bringing together industry influencers from Content+Cloud, Microsoft and many more.

Now that November’s event has been made available to all via On-Demand streaming, here’s everything you can look forward to if you missed it the first time around.

This two-day event, hosted by our friends at Content+Cloud, offered multiple concurrent seminars; so whether you missed the event entirely, or couldn’t quite squeeze every webinar you wanted into your schedule, every last session is now available for your viewing pleasure, here. Remember, this event is completely free – all it takes is a quick signup.

Not sure what talks you want to sign up for first? Here’s a quick overview of everything the event had to offer, as well as the guest speakers:

Day One: Software

Day one concentrated on the struggles of today – not least thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic – and how software developers have adapted their solutions to fit a changing world.

Yet there was more to dwell on here than our current predicament, with sessions discussing the future role of software in the Modern Workplace.

Covering data migration, Office 365, remote working, inclusion and accessibility, cyber security and Microsoft Teams, this provided the perfect, in-depth intro to the future of workplace technologies.

Your hosts included:

Chris O'Brien - Microsoft MVP, Products and Services Director at Content+Cloud

Paul Benjamin - UK Chief Financial Officer at Microsoft

Wendy Kendall - Managing Director and Psychologist at Globally Talented

Michel Lima - Technical Solutions Professional at Microsoft

David Bowman – Product Director for Fresh

…and many more industry experts!

Day Two: Business Strategy

Less of the technical, more of the tactical!

Day two concentrated on changing attitudes and approaches to the Modern Workplace, providing a ‘people-focused’ approach to engagement, adaptation and overcoming adversity.

There were still plenty of sessions here for tech heads, however, including how best to incorporate Microsoft programmes, such as Teams and Analytics, for a better end-user experience.

Your hosts included:

Imran Hamid – Associated Director IT at InfraRed Capital Partners Ltd

Stef Reid MBE – Vice President at UK Athletics

Sonja Wandrey - Client Engagement Manager at Content+Cloud

Peter Sweetbaum – Chief Executive Officer at Content+Cloud

…and again, many more industry experts!

As part of the Content+Cloud group, Mirus and Content+Cloud will continue to deliver these regular webinars well into the New Year and beyond. As always, we’ll be keeping our readers posted on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts – so be sure to check them out regularly.

We’ll see you next year for more of our regular webinars, events and meetups – hopefully in person once again!

You can sign up for all the on-demand webinars from the Digital Revolution Live event right here. Enjoy!


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