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Mirus Introduces Feedback and Gamification to Drive Customer Success

Mirus Feedback and Gamification to Drive Customer Success

Early in 2017 Mirus migrated our client feedback tool from a standard five question survey tool to a more modern three button survey with questions based around their ‘feeling’ of the service received – Love, Neutral, Bad.

Alongside this simpler feedback tool, we also introduced ‘Gamification’ for the service delivery teams within Mirus.

What is Gamification?

The Wikipedia definition of Gamification is ’The application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts to improve user engagement, organisational productivity, learning, and employee recruitment and evaluation’.

Our internal Service Teams can earn prizes based on the individual client feedback they receive, as well as in-team competitions i.e. Service Desk vs Field Engineering.

Why does Mirus use Gamification?

A recent US study around the use/potential use of gamification highlighted some interesting facts;

  • 62% of employees said they’d be motivated by leader boards.
  • 89% said that a points system would increase their engagement.
  • 79% said that they’d be more productive if their work was more game-like.

We believe that if we can drive employee motivation, engagement and productivity, we will see huge benefits to our team, our customers and our business as a whole.

What are the results?

We track two key factors, firstly our Return Rate i.e. the number of people that give us individual pieces of feedback, and secondly the Overall CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Scoring. 

In our first full month we had 310 completed feedbacks from clients, this has consistently risen each month to 989 in November 2017.

In November 2017, we completed 2,929 incidents and received 989 feedbacks which is 33.7%. This means that we achieved 98% in our CSAT target.

We aim to continue to drive our return rates to give us a true reflection of the service we are delivering. This will ensure that our internal Support Staff are rewarded and incentivised to perform to the best of their ability, which in turn, will ensure our clients get the best possible service and response that we can provide.

Read Paul's LinkedIn article about the implementation here, and find out more about Mirus IT here.

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