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Fancy a Team Phishing Trip?

Teamwork makes the dream work
In any industry, knowledge is key. If your sales team understand your products and services inside out, and can clearly relay their benefits for each industry sector, you’re laughing! If your Sommeliers, have expert and detailed knowledge on the wine lists, the prices, the regions, the blends, the notes and the pairing to your menu, your patrons are further impressed and more inclined to feel comfortable spending extra. #Winning!

Your team, sat at their desks on their computers, are your first line of defence when it comes to your company’s cyber security. Are you convinced that they’d be able to spot any phishing scams that come in from an external source?  Think about your team now, you probably already know those members more likely to need training to understand the risks.

Have you trained them how to? If not, how can you expect them to have the right reaction to a threat?

The stronger your team, the less likely you are to fail. We’re stronger in numbers, and well-trained teams are exponentially sturdier!

We know that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. The Greeks knew this, it was expertly explained in the story of the Goddess Athena and the Trojan Horse. We also know that when a problem arises, panic can ensue. if a phishing email pertaining to be from a highly disgruntled client or a significant financial entity warning of impending doom if account details aren’t updated immediately on this ‘secure link’, are you SURE that your team would be able to see through a sophisticated phishing scam?

Phishing – it’s a gift horse, that has the potential to lead to a major disaster you simply can’t afford to be fooled by.

Add regular phishing training to your armoury and you’ll be strengthening your cyber security exponentially.

Find out more by booking a FREE Phishing Test on your users.

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