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Fakes, Fraud and Cyber Crime

We've been spoofed

Cyber crime isn’t limited to huge organisations, targeted for such valuable data as usernames, passwords and credit card data; some of the less publicised methods are communication attempts on small businesses and individuals.

We’re increasingly seeing this method of Spoofing, Impersonation and Phishing, often with what can seem very strange or obscure subject matter!

Mirus IT Emails

Just this week, we've encountered an individual or group pretending to be employed by Mirus. These shysters are sending emails purporting to be us, to prospective employees, offering roles within the business on what appears to be a freelance basis. As a result, we're receiving a number of confused emails from those targeted, asking if the communications they've received are genuine, and whether we employ people from across America (where the scheme seems to be doing the rounds).

Rest assured, we've checked and confirmed that none of our systems have been breached - we're merely the subject of a mass-mailing mimic - but this does demonstrate how, simply by using logos, branding and images from a company website, a relatively believable email scam can be created.

What's less obvious is the motive behind these emails. Is it financial gain, phishing for credentials to gain access to other systems, or the gathering of personal data such as credit card information?  We can't tell you the motive, but we do insist that anybody receiving these emails cease any further communication with the sender - they're not us and we're pretty sure their intentions aren't virtuous!

As always, the best advice is to be aware and to be careful with what you respond to, click on, or react to when receiving electronic communications. It's all too easy to act upon instinct, but it always helps to check for key features and components, and to be aware of phishing techniques

Everything isn't always as it seems!


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