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Every Free Mirus Download 2019

Every Free Mirus Download of 2019 - You're Welcome!

Over 2019, the Mirus blog has covered a wealth of industries, products and services, with a bundle of free downloads to boot. 

From eBooks to case studies and even business paperwork templates, here’s every free download we created and shared through the year, all in one handy place. Enjoy!


Detailed virtual handbooks on key industries and technical solutions.

Data Security and Disaster Recovery for Law FirmsSensitive information needs secure protection. In the legal industry - where data is everything – no firm can afford to give their data anything less than the best protection. Our eBook details how legal professionals can achieve exactly that.

GDPR Assistance for RecruitersPeople are the backbone of the recruitment industry, and GDPR is the law that protects their data and their rights. Familiarise yourself with the key rights and restrictions of GDPR and the recruitment industry with this eBook.

Why We Provide a Free IT Health CheckAs well as explaining a key process behind our IT services, this eBook provides examples of exactly the kind of information our Health Checks provide customers. It’s an excellent companion to our Request for Proposal template. 

Recovering from Common Cyber AttacksIf you’ve suffered a Ransomware infection or run afoul of Phishing campaigns, this book covers the before, during and after of a cyber attack, ensuring you never fall for the same trap twice.

Preparing for Data BreachesA comprehensive guide to Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, this eBook covers the range of services provided by Mirus as well as how to calculate your downtime, recovery time and business functions in the event of a data disaster.

What Makes a Perfect IT PartnerNot all service providers are created equal, nor can they offer the same solutions. With this eBook, we explore the unique needs of your business, the unique offerings of your service providers, and how to ensure a beneficial partnership between you both.

Remote Working SuccessfullyWith 50% of businesses expected to offer Remote Working solutions next year, it’s worth revieMaximising Employee Efficiency eBook iconwing the policies and protections behind a successful Remote Working initiative – which is exactly what we cover in this eBook.

Maximising Employee EfficiencyUsing stats from employment experts, we explore the changing attitudes to employee productivity, and how to create a working environment promoting efficiency and collaboration.

The Makings of the Modern WorkplaceHere, we explore the expectations of the modern worker and the capabilities of your modern technology, revealing how to combine the two for a more productive, positive working environment.


Key facts in short and simple formats!

Phishy Email?If you’re suspicious of a dodgy email, this’ll keep you from falling hook, line and sinker.

Business and Charity Cyber Attack Statistics 2019 – Statistics on the biggest threats to businesses and charities this past year, including the causes, consequences and costs.

Steps to Obtaining a Cyber Essentials CertificationA short, succinct guide to everything you’ll want prepared to obtain your Cyber Essentials Certification.The Rules Behind Your Remote Working Policy Infographic - Mirus IT

5 Cyber Crime StatsShort, straight-to-the-point statistics on the UK’s cyber crime climate.

The Lesser-Known Reasons Behind Data BreachesThe many reasons how and why sensitive business data is stolen.

What Workers Want From the Modern WorkplaceA companion piece for our blog of the same name, this breaks down 5 key facets of the modern office going into 2020.

Cyber Statistics: DataStatistics around the volumes and vulnerabilities of big data across all UK businesses

Developing a Business Continuity PlanPreparing everything you need in the event of a major business disruption.

Telephony Timeline – Everything from the beginning of the landline up to 2025 – when you’ll need a brand-new telephony solution.

The Rules Behind Your Remote Working PolicyQuestions to ask before rolling out one of your most flexible working options.

Top Four Cost Saving TipsAvoid common money-wasting traps and reduce the cost of everyday working with these simple tips.

Case Studies

Demonstrating the incredible achievements of our clients, and how our IT solutions help make them happen.Northampton Saints VCIO Case Study Icon

Northampton SaintsHere, we detail how a Virtual Chief Information Officer created transformative new solutions for the Northampton Saints and their 15,000+ capacity stadium.

ECG TrainingAward-winning providers of medical training courses, ECG Training rely on Mirus for their ongoing IT solutions. This case study details how Mirus assisted with a full system migration within the restrictions of a listed property.   

Paperwork and Templates

Documents designed to make key business processes simple and straightforward.RFP Template eBook Mirus

Request for Proposal Template – When going to tender for an IT provider, you’ll want a Request for Proposal outlining your budget and expectations. Our template ensures you get all the information you need into your RFP, getting all the information you need from your prospective provider. 

Example Network Health Check – A complete example document of the very Health Check report we provide for businesses.

Positioning Questionnaires

Answers to all the questions you could ask… and some you haven’t thought to!

Business Cyber Security Questionnaire – Patch the gaps in your business security with just a few questions on your current security setup, and we’ll get in touch to benchmark your cyber security and offer free recommendations and advice.


Complex calculations done for you!Employee Productivity Analysis Free Calculator - Mirus IT

Employee Productivity Analysis Calculator – See how much you could be spending (and losing!) each year on unoptimized employee solutions.

The True Cost of Old and Slow Equipment – Is your legacy equipment saving you money, or are slow and old solutions compromising progress?

That covers everything – we think! – that we’ve put up for download this year; it only seems fair to share it with you given the impending Christmas season. Keep an eye on 2020 – we’ll be providing yet more in the way of unique - and free - downloads for our readers!


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