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Employee of the Month is an All Round Good Guy!

Ronan Murphy

Every month we take time out to recognise the heroes behind the face of Mirus and today we are giving a hearty handshake to field services coordinator Ronan Murphy!

Ronan schedules jobs to our field engineers, provides resources to projects and liaises closely with the support desk managing tickets and providing key communication between their departments.

Field Services Manager John Green said " Ronan approaches work with a methodical can-do attitude and is a pleasure to work with"

Ronan EOTM

Here is a selection of lovely things his colleagues said about him:

"I believe in Ronan and I believe he deserves my vote"

"Ronan Murphy is very Helpful!!"

"Ronan always tries to help you out whether it's regarding a technical question or something else"

"Ronan works really hard at ensuring everything goes as planned without any hiccups"

"Ronan is one of those all round good guys!"


Ronan will be rewarded with use of the much coveted Employee of the month parking spot!

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