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ECG Training: SME IT Infrastructure and Office Move Case Study

We love working with Mirus – you get what you want, with a cherry on top!

Jane Lambert, CEO, ECG Training

What better way to hear a customer service success story than from the client themselves?


We’re proud to share another one of our Customer Case Studies, this time from our delightful companions at ECG Training. Established in Milton Keynes in 2002, ECG Training provides face-to-face training and courses for professionals working in primary healthcare.

When the time came to move office, ECG sought drastic changes to their IT setup. After careful consideration, they picked Mirus as their Managed Service Provider of choice, you can see more in our video case study with the staff of ECG.

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If you’re an SME on the lookout for a new Managed Service Provider, you might well discover why we’re the best choice for your business.

Mirus and ECG Training - an Exceptional Working Relationship

See why Mirus is the award-winning Managed Service Provider of choice for the team at ECG Training.

Our latest video and Technical Case Study showcases ECG Training and demonstrates our bespoke approach to IT support and solutions.

Download the Full ECG Training Case Study



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