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Don't Underestimate the Value of Expertise

IT Consultancy: Knowledge is Power

As a recruitment consultant, a teacher, an accountant, or even a charity worker, your essential role probably has nothing to do with IT at all, it's merely a tool you use to do your job more successfully, it wasn't what you studied in your training.

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The problem is, in today's workplace no organization can get by without having an effective IT system and people who know how to use it. And as many small business owners know, it can be expensive to maintain IT staff, let alone budget effectively.

If this sounds like your business, there’s a chance that you may have been contemplating on outsourcing to an IT consultancy that does it best. Most businesses today are playing with this idea and why not? Taking care of your IT yourself is not easy, and it takes an immense amount of time and money to maintain it.

What is an IT Consultancy?

Simply put, IT consulting is a form of service that deals with advising entrepreneurs about which information technology they'll need to make use of to effectively meet their business’s needs and goals.

Here at Mirus, our IT consultancy services offer just that. However, we strongly believe that this isn't ideal for all companies. We don't just want to offer a simple services. Rather we want to supervise, design, plan, implement your IT products, services, and goals. All in the name of helping your business get the most out of your technology.

While others focus on giving you the cheapest deal to help you save money, we focus on finding the best solution to your problem so that you can continuously save more money in the future - the true definition of cost efficiency.

IT consultancy is beyond becoming your adviser, we act as a loyal friend, offering honest judgements and opinions because this is the only way to come up with perfect solutions that you can count as being valuable.

The Value of Expertise is the Value of Our Service

We offer a portfolio of distinctive services and solutions that are highly customisable and designed to reflect our main belief that every company has its own unique issues. There’s no IT solution that fits another company’s needs. That is, a law firm’s IT problem is different to that of an e-commerce business, and what worked for a design company might not work well with an engineering firm.

In order to meet the needs of any company and deliver a valuable and reliable service once we embark on a new campaign, we make sure to do in-depth and thorough research and investigation with every client, in order to thoroughly learn more about your unique IT needs. This is the only way to come up with the best IT products and strategies that help your business achieve success.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

Here are just some of the advantages of working with Mirus IT.

  • You’ll gain more focus on your core business function
  • You’ll reduce your operation costs
  • We offer unique and highly knowledgeable IT experts who you can rely on
  • Our solutions are developed so that they are in place and working when you need them
  • We’ll help you reduce downtime and improve productivity
  • We offer unparalleled vendor support
  • Our services can enable competitive age, keeping you updated with you the latest on IT technology

We offer our expertise to every business owner because we are sure that our expertise and experience are more than enough to offer a real value to any company looking to increase the effectiveness of their IT. We have proven a lot, and have learned immense things from the years of being in this expertise-demanding industry.

See our most recent case study on how being part of a trusting, proactive partnership allows you to budget and plan ahead and get the most from your business.

To learn more about our services please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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