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You Don’t Outsource an MSP – You Employ Them

Who wouldn’t be protective of their business? The months, money and management expended to realise those grand aspirations – how could you entrust all three to anyone else after everything you’ve invested?

It’s a question – if not a barrier – set to stump any entrepreneur. As businesses grow more reliant on advanced technical solutions, the cost and upkeep of their IT can fast become overwhelming; but does entrusting their IT to an outside provider mean sacrificing their business strategy?  

There’s a thirst for agility within the modern business, and to some business owners, outsourcing sounds like an all-too-vanilla solution. Yet IT providers have adapted to the demands of the modern business, and with the flexible approach of a Managed Service Provider, outsourcing’s meaning is perhaps becoming transformed.

An MSP provides a collaborative approach to a company’s IT, working with the owners to create an IT solution compatible with their budget and strategy. Before anything is implemented, a Service Level Agreement confirms the owner’s expectations and the provider’s bespoke solution. This can incorporate any number of the provider’s broad range of services – however many are appropriate.

It’s not only the technical implementation that sets an MSP apart; there’s also the ongoing services, ensuring that any changes, amendments or technical support are available during agreed business hours – anything from the average 9 to 5 working week to full, 24/7 support. This ensures that your provider is maintaining your IT functions through designated service hours – and that you’re able to contact them with any queries or requests.


Such a diverse set of options means an IT partner is more than a purchasing decision; it’s effectively an employment one, chosen for their adherence to your company culture and technical specifications. For the more decisive business owner, an MSP might even be able to appoint a Virtual Chief Information Officer, or VCIO – a dedicated, onsite technician who works to their company values and demands, and is enlisted on behalf of their service provider. This effectively adds an extra member of technical staff to the company workforce and provides the fastest response times to an organisation’s technical requirements.

Projections from a recent study by Whitelane Research suggest that outsourced IT is growing along to suit the demands of business technology. Requests for outsourced IT are expected to increase well into 2021, with 71% of UK organisations planning to outsource at a similarly steady rate.

That’s a 5% increase on last year’s study, and with the desire for insourced alternatives dropping from 22% to 16%, it’s clear that more businesses are embracing a managed IT solution.

For the entrepreneurial organisation, entrusting your IT to an outside provider needn’t be at the sacrifice of your strategy. Instead, it can be an extension of your technological workforce, working to your designated strategy and values to provide the service you want and deserve.     


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