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What is the cost of IT downtime for your business?

According to this Veeam Availability Report 2014 carried out at the end of last year, 82% of the 760 senior IT decision makers from medium to large firms are unable to meet their business’ requirements for high system availability.

“The availability of IT is more important than ever. Yet businesses globally are being failed by an IT industry that has led them to believe they have to accept downtime,” said Ratmir Timashev, CEO at Veeam.

In order to meet business targets, respondents claimed that they would need to reduce the time required to recover mission-critical data from an average of 2.8 hours to 1.7 hours - and perform backup 1.5 times as often as they do now, reducing the intervals from 4.8 to 3.2 hours on average.

The desired average recovery time for mission-critical applications/data was indicated to be 2.8 hours. However the reality is that the average recovery time surveyed came out at 5.2 hours. Can you afford to wait over 5 hours to be able to continue business as usual? Especially when according to this report by Aberdeen Group, the cost for every hour of downtime across the UK averaged out at £138,000 in lost revenue and that was just a survey on SMEs let alone larger companies.

There are a number of traditional backup and disaster recovery systems/solutions that you can implement to try and reduce the impact of downtime on your business. But these can be slow and still take hours for your business to be back up and running.

This is where business continuity solutions come into the fray. With hybrid cloud technology your data is first copied and stored on a local device. That way, if something happens, you can do a fast and easy restore from that device. But then your data is also replicated in the cloud. So if anything happens to that device, you’ve got offsite cloud copies of your data—without having to worry about moving copies of your data off-site physically.

So instead of hours/days to recover and have your business back up and running, you are looking at seconds/minutes. If you have ever wondered what the cost of IT downtime is to your own business we have a calculator that you can use to work it out. Have a look at it here and see what IT downtime costs your business.

If you can’t afford hours/days of IT downtime then contact us here and we can help you on the road to full business continuity.

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